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How Entrepreneurs See Their Summer Vacations

This post is written for entrepreneurs everywhere. Vacations for entrepreneurs are critically important. I've started to view my summer vacation as an annual benchmark that helps me see the progress in my business growth.

10 Books that Transformed My Small Business

People sometimes ask me for suggestions of books to read. Usually I stare at my bookshelf and re-think it each time. It was time to make a list. Here are 10 books in particular that have transformed my business.

The Success Blueprint to Multiply Sales

Ten or fifteen years ago, a good advertisement would make your phone ring. And an effective salesperson could turn those ringing phones into sales. Today, you need a plan to make the most of every advertising dollar you spend.

3 Hidden Leaks in Your Marketing That Sink Sales

Would you like more sales? There are 3 hidden "leaks" that kill sales on most websites and marketing campaigns. Fix the leaks and you'll multiply the sales you get from your website, without increasing costs.

What Story is Your Business Telling?

"So, what does your company do?" Have you ever felt like people are falling asleep when you try to answer that question? Me too. Your success in attracting new customers is dependent on your ability to boil your complex business down to an extremely simple brand story.

How to Attract Sticky, Targeted Traffic

When you attract traffic to your website, you should find ways to immediately engage your visitors. And the only way to get them engaged is with content that focuses on the REAL NEEDS of your customer.

Avoid the Trap of Self-Centered Marketing

Is your marketing too self-centered? Odds are, yes. If so, it's costing you traffic, leads and sales. "Self-centered" marketing talks too much about the business and the product for sale, and not enough about the customer who's buying it.

How to Avoid Becoming a Miserable Entrepreneur

I sometimes meet entrepreneurs who are successful, but absolutely miserable. For most, they just aren't passionate about the thing they are doing. Here are three ways that I see entrepreneurs get off course:

3 Keys to Discover Your Calling

You probably worked jobs that utilized a strength, but you weren't passionate or influential. You maybe worked a job in an area of passion, but found you were no good at

Ashland Schine's Theater Restoration: Great Things Are Coming to Ashland

A group of local business and community leaders are leading a major grassroots effort to help transform downtown Ashland, Ohio. The group of leaders include Scott Donley

Drive people through your door with Facebook "Local Awareness" Ads

If the success of your small business depends on driving visitors through your door, you should try Facebook's "Local Awareness" ads. Local Awareness is a fairly new type of ad that targets visitors based on their location when they are online.

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Google Mobile-Friendly Website Algorithm Will Hit April 21

It's official. Google is cracking down on websites that aren't mobile-friendly. For the first time that I can recall, they named the date.

How to Transform Your Website Into a Small Business Success Machine

Your website. It should be your greatest marketing asset. But for most small business owners, it's just a big headache. There are five areas of focus that need attention

Infusionsoft Dashboards for Sales Reps and Sales Managers

At the 2014 edition of ICON, Greg Jenkins did an awesome presentation on sales dashboards for both sales reps and sales managers.

City Garden Café Birthed Out of Experience, Filling Community Need in Mansfield

The City Garden Café is located in the Mansfield Municipal Building on 30 N. Diamond St. in Mansfield. The upscale café has a contemporary design with a diverse menu featuring deli sandwiches, soups, bagels, salads, desserts, made-from-scratch smoothies and espressos.

Get Leads by Building a Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is a way of thinking about how your prospects move through the customer lifecycle, from the first point of contact as new traffic all the way to the point of nurturing existing customers—and all the points in between.

Richland Source spotlights a successful Spire customer

Linda Carr of Linda's Mobile Grooming Palace was spotlighted in a feature article on Richland Source this week for her success growing her business.

How do I get more traffic to my website? Traditional Advertising Platforms That Shine

Find out how your advertising DNA will inform the types of advertising, including traditional forms, that work for your business.

Email Marketing Strategies for Getting More Traffic to Your Website

A form of direct marketing, email marketing techniques range from blasting a customer list with one strategic email to dripping targeted messages one at a time to targeted prospects.

How do I get more traffic to my website? Try Online Ads

An effective marketing campaign in 2014 must include a combination approach to increasing traffic. In past blogs, we’ve already focused on using SEO and social media.

How Do I Get More Traffic to My Website? Look to Social Media

Content campaigns are a cost-effective way to promote your business and drive more traffic to your website.

How do I get more traffic to my website? SEO Demystified

Businesses can boost SEO in multiple ways, such as through blogging, conducting a paid search campaign and using social media. But there are specific components on each website page speak the language of SEO. Read more to see the specific components.

What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a form of marketing that targets customers where they are spending their time: online and in their email inboxes.

Tried to Generate Leads Using a Free Report? Here’s Why It Works

A free report can’t “live” in the virtual world by itself. To generate leads from any kind of offer (which includes content like a webinar, white paper, ebook, research report, etc.), you need to lay out a foundation for the offer, which is strategically designed to guide consumers down a specific path—a path to buying.

Do You Know What People Are Really Doing on Your Website?

Building a website without taking advantage of what analytics can tell you is like sending out a direct-mail campaign to everyone in town.

Get the Most Out of Each Blog Post

Writing blogs for your website takes time and effort that you feel you can't afford to lose. My argument is that you can't afford NOT to blog.

What social media sites will work for my business?

The buzz around social media is undeniable, but how do you know if social media will work for your business? And which social media platform is best suited for your business?

Content Marketing Gone Wrong: Duplicate Content

There is just one reason why businesses use duplicate content: It’s cheap. But there’s a big downside: It burns your SEO results.

Are You Measuring up With Content Marketing Trends for 2014?

Most businesses know that content marketing should comprise at least a portion of their strategy to market their business.

How to Use Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

You're in good shape if your website features static pages that describe your company, and give an overview of your products and services.

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