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Facebook Rolls Out New Business Suite

Facebook rolled out its new Business Suite, an improved user interface that integrates Facebook Page, Instagram, and Messenger management from your desktop or mobile device.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Facebook recently launched its new platform for managing your business account from your desktop or mobile device: Facebook Business Suite. The mobile app replaces Pages Manager App and is intended to be a one-stop-shop for managing all of your Facebook and Instagram needs.

How Is Facebook Business Suite Different from Business Manager?

You’ll notice right away a lot of key differences between Business Manager and Business Suite’s design. The new look and feel is intended to create a more modern and accessible user interface to make it easier to manage your business online. Here’s a few key improvements you can expect from Business Suite:

  1. Accessibility: You can now manage your business presence wherever you go using the Business Suite mobile app
  2. Page Snapshot: The Home view in Business Suite provides you with an overview of your new notifications from both Facebook and Instagram, recent ads, and insights from your posts
  3. Unified Inbox: You can now access all of your messages for Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger from one inbox
  4. Post and schedule for both Facebook and Instagram in one place
  5. Create Ads, Boost Posts, and Promote Your Page: If you use Ads Manager currently, you can still access it to see more details on your campaigns

What Can You Do with Facebook Business Suite?

Using the new Business Suite, you should be able to access your new notifications for Facebook and Instagram, read and respond to messages in your inbox, create automated responses to commonly asked questions, create posts, access your commerce account, create ads, view insights, and a satchel of other tools and settings you might want.

If you’re struggling with specific issues using Business Suite, Facebook has updated their guide to using Business Suite. Here are a few articles you might want to reference for some commonly used tools:

What Can’t You Do with Facebook Business Suite?

While you can create ads from Business Suite, if you are currently using Ads Manager for advertising, Facebook Business Suite is probably not the product you’ve been waiting for. It’s best to keep building and managing your campaigns in Ads Manager, where you can create a more sophisticated and organized ad campaign.

I Want My Business Manager Back!

We get it; change is hard. There’s no guarantee how long you’ll have the option to use Business Manager vs. Business Suite, but if you want to stick with Business Manager for a while longer, you can! 

If you aren’t satisfied with the new Business Suite, Facebook provides you with a way to switch back and forth between Business Manager and Business Suite desktop version (there’s a way to do this for Business Suite mobile app to Pages Manager App as well, but this feature is going away in November).

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