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Photography: Plays Well With Others

A professional looking website send the message that you have a professional business. Having admirable photography throughout your website gives your customers a preview of the quality of work you’re small business is capable of.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

You Need to Relate to Your Customers

People don’t understand your brand. You’ve tried writing about what your company, but something is missing. You’re not getting the number of leads you want from your website. You have people visiting your page, but not staying.

So, what’s the puzzle piece you need to complete the bigger picture?

That’s just it! Pictures. Photography. Images for your customers to look at. These are what help retain the attention of your customers when they visit your website.

What’s the Hype with Photography?

Photography tells your brand’s story in a relatable, engaging way. A professional photograph gives many impressions of your business. You can use photography on your website in all kinds of ways:


  • Staff pictures
  • Interior/exterior business pictures
  • Slideshows
  • Product pages


And that’s just a few to name! You see, photography gives your customer a sample of your business. If someone visits your site and you have poorly taken pictures with an old cell phone, that communicates that your quality of your product or service probably isn’t very good.

A professional looking website send the message that you have a professional business. It gives the idea that you take pride in what you do, because you’ve taken the time to make your you have a sharp, engaging website with awesome professional photography!

Versatility on Social Networks

Investing in professional photography means you have a selection of high quality images you can use ANYWHERE! Why restrict yourself to using photos on the content of your website? Engaging content should be in all corners of your business: social media, advertisements, presentations, and whatever else you can think of.

Written content is important, don’t get us wrong. If you need to read up on why written content is so critical to your business check out this post. In the meantime, consider what a photo shoot with Spire’s Content Team can do for your website!

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