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Your Sales and Marketing
Can Work Better, Together

Great things happen when sales and marketing are at the same table. Get better leads and close sales faster by synchronizing your sales and marketing efforts.

Looking at a sign confused which way to go.

Are your sales and marketing pulling in opposite directions?

Are your sales and marketing pulling in opposite directions?

When your sales and marketing are out-of-sync, you’re going to suffer from a lack of quality leads, and a lot of frustration for you and your sales team. But sales and marketing ultimately have the same goal.

Your company needs an effective Account-Based Marketing strategy. It’s all about SYNCHRONIZING your sales and marketing efforts.

3 Keys to Unlock Success with
Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Here are three keys that help Spire and our clients achieve great success with Account-Based Marketing:

  • number 1

    Target REAL People. Instead of defining vague avatars, sales can bring a list of REAL people and our hyper-targeted digital ad campaigns help your company stay in front of them.

  • number 2

    Sales Amplifies the Marketing Message. Marketing can craft blogs, emails, and social posts with help from our Growth Builder Program that sales can use to attract and nurture the right prospects, and they help to spread and amplify the marketing message.

  • number 3

    Track ROI from Click, to Capture, to Close. Spire’s ROI Tracking Solutions help you tie sales back to specific advertising and marketing efforts to know what’s really working.


How does ABM work get done in your company?

There are nine strengths that sales and marketing teams need to be effective. Take our ABM Self-Assessment to evaluate your team’s strengths and identify gaps.


See how companies are growing with targeted digital campaigns from Spire. 

HVAC Contractor Gets Fast ROI with Digital Household Targeting

A local HVAC contractor used a two-part approach to Digital Household Targeting to target both new prospects and past customers. They quickly generated new business and impressive ROI from both. 

B2B Company Improve the Quality of Every Sales Touch with Digital Business Targeting

A professional services company is getting better quality leads and meetings by pairing sales efforts with Digital Business Targeting. They handpicked companies to target, and sales can see who’s clicking in real-time.


“Spire has helped me and my company grow.”

Meet Jamie, a Marketing Director who has achieved remarkable growth for her company and her career while partnering with Spire.

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Marketing Team Assessment

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9 Marketing Skills - TEAM RATING

Rate your team's overall effectiveness in the following skill areas.
The person who sets direction, prioritizes action, and takes ownership for results.
Craft words that make our marketing message sound great.
Create visuals that make our marketing efforts and branding look great.
The public-facing voice(s) or face(s) of our brand with media, events, etc.
Manages details & facilitates team communication.
Capturing and editing photos / videos that help enhance our message.
Develops a clear, effective plan.
Draws actionable insights from data to make marketing better.
Ensures our website, web forms, and other marketing systems function as expected.