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The Secret to Reaching & Hiring Gen-Z | Episode #16

April 25, 2023
Gen-Z is a uniquely positioned generation. They understand the importance of collaboration, and yet are eager to harness tools that make working simpler. So, how do you effectively communicate with Gen-Z? This episode’s Savvy Marketer guest, Salil Khetani, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Heidelberg University, knows the answer, and he’s sharing all his insight on the secret to reaching and hiring Gen-Z.

How to Get Your Sales & Marketing Teams to Work Together | Episode #15

April 18, 2023
For many companies, there is often a point of contention between their sales and marketing teams. Good news though…it doesn’t have to be that way! On this episode of The Savvy Marketer, we hear from The Sales WhispererⓇ, Wes Schaeffer, who shares the answer to getting your sales and marketing teams to work together.

3 Ways To Build an Effective Account-Based Marketing Strategy | Episode #14

April 11, 2023
Account-based marketing has the power to transform your marketing strategy by offering three key things that make it work: targeting real people, sales and marketing teams working together, and tracking ROI. On this episode of The Savvy Marketer, we hear from one of our own, Director of Business Development for Spire, Carrie Gough. Watch to learn more about how your company can shift to an account-based marketing mindset!

How to Write Emails That People Actually Want to Read | Episode #13

April 4, 2023
Email marketing can be an effective tool for pushing your business forward, however, many people get it wrong. On this episode of The Savvy Marketer, we’re talking to someone who got it very right — Cory Rich, Fractional CMO for Apex Revenue. Watch to learn more about how Cory’s personalized email got the attention of Jeremy himself!

How Shawshank Redemption Ended Up in Ohio | Episode #12

March 28, 2023
Shawshank Redemption remains the most popular movie on IMDb. How did it end up getting made in Mansfield, Ohio? On this episode of The Savvy Marketer, we’re talking to a key person who made this partnership a reality, President of Destination Mansfield, Lee Tasseff. Watch to learn more about his experience with tourism marketing and developing products based on consumer needs.

How to Level Up Your Leadership | Episode #11

March 21, 2023
According to this week’s Savvy Marketer guest, Clate Mask, CEO & Co-Founder of Keap, good leaders look to the future and can lead through stage changes in a company. Watch this episode to learn more about Clate’s own leadership role and the message he would give to his younger self.

How to Delegate and Be More Effective | Episode #10

March 14, 2023
Being a leader does not come without its challenges. Whether you’re experiencing imposter syndrome, battling hurdles of remote work, or attempting to delegate tasks, Kristy Yoder, Founder & CEO of SmartVAs, has been there. Watch this week’s episode of The Savvy Marketer and learn the ins and outs of effective leadership.

How to be a Great Leader, Even Without the Job Title | Episode #9

March 7, 2023
Anyone can be a leader within an organization, but how can you be a great leader? This week’s guest on The Savvy Marketer, Founder & Owner of Predictable Success, Les McKeown, believes you just need to start with the little things.

Understanding the Organizational Life Cycle | Episode #8

February 28, 2023
This week’s guest on The Savvy Marketer, Senior Pastor for Park Street Brethren Church, Nate Bebout, understands the value of stewardship for a season. He talks about leadership and the Organizational Life Cycle that helps remind him the places we serve are bigger than us, and our impact can be long-lasting.

The Best KPIs for Digital Ads in 2023 | Episode #7

February 20, 2023
Looking for more ROI with your digital ads? This week’s guest on The Savvy Marketer, Sara Johnson, is the Founder & CEO of LeadLab Media. She talks about the ever-evolving changes to digital marketing and gives advice on different types of KPIs marketers can use to measure what really matters.

How to Thrive in the Midst of Change | Episode #6

February 13, 2023
How do you adapt to change? In this episode of The Savvy Marketer, we’re talking to Director of Advertising for Danbury Senior Living, Jamie Weston-Cook. She gives us insight on her entrepreneurial start, outlook to change, and how she’s harnessing her marketing role to be the very best it can be.

3 SEO Essentials for Busy Marketing Leaders | Episode #5

February 6, 2023
In this episode of The Savvy Marketer, SEO Consultant Dustin Montgomery talks about modern SEO, ChatGPT, and how busy marketers can accomplish more with less.

Is Your Company Hitting a Growth Ceiling? Get Traction with EOS. | Episode #4

January 30, 2023
EOS Explained. Have you ever felt like your company growth is hitting a ceiling? In today’s episode, we talk with Jim Tennant, Professional EOS Implementor and Coach with CultureShoc. We’ll talk about things that cause business growth to get stuck, and the EOS Framework that your leadership can use to get unstuck.
Event Marketing in a Virtual World

Event Marketing in a Virtual World | Episode #3

January 24, 2023
Since 2020, events have changed, and marketers need a new approach to be successful. Today on The Savvy Marketer, Jeremy talks to event planning expert Lisa Schulteis.
ADHD Employee on Your Marketing Team?

ADHD Employee on Your Marketing Team? | Episode #2

January 16, 2023
In this episode, we’ll talk to David G. Johnson, a business advisor and podcaster about the different mix of people you have on your marketing team, and what it’s like to have an ADHD employee on your team or ADHD leader leading your company. We’ll talk about what David has learned about ADHD and how you can help set your team up for success.
How to Communicate with Media Clearly & Persuasively

How to Communicate with Media Clearly & Persuasively | Episode #1

January 10, 2023
Do you struggle to know what to say when communicating with media or the public? We’ll talk with Melanie Wilt, Chief Experience Officer with Shift-ology Communication, who will share the 27-9-3 PR formula for public relations and communications. Plus some other great insights about marketing versus PR.
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