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Savvy Marketer Toolbox

With an ever-evolving marketing landscape, it’s important to keep up with customer behaviors and technology trends. A Savvy Marketer’s biggest asset is the tools in their toolbox. You may not need tools for every project or strategy, but it’s good to keep them handy when the demand arises. In this toolbox, you’ll find strategic and creative solutions in the form of downloadable tools to help you when you need it most.


Marketing Toolbox:

Job Description Planner

The “Job Description Planner” helps you develop a highly engaging job description to make sure you are hiring the right person for your team.

SEO Cheat Sheet

The “SEO Cheat Sheet” provides useful information about ways you can improve your website that will help optimize SEO.

30-Minute Marketing Planner

The “30-Second Marketing Planner” provides you an outline to plan out your marketing strategy from your target market to how you will capture leads.

Assessing Your Marketing Team

“Assessing Your Marketing Team” offers an analysis of six crucial roles within a marketing team, allowing you to identify the ideal candidate for each position and create a high-performing and well-balanced team.

Marketing Moments:


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The Four Parts of an Effective B2B Marketing Strategy

Sharpen your B2B marketing focus with this simple 4-part framework. Stop doing everything – choose what NOT to do.
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Four Types of Stories Your Business Must Tell

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Outsourcing Marketing: The Pros and Cons

If your business is contemplating outsourcing your marketing, it’s important to understand the purpose. Learn about the variety of benefits and hazards that can come from outsourced marketing.
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How Much Should You Allocate for Your Marketing Budget?

How much should you allocate toward your marketing budget? It’s a matter of simple math, and strategy, and decluttering your plan.

How to Get Better Reports From Your Marketing People

In order to make the right decisions for your company, you need better reports from your marketing people. Here’s what’s wrong with your reports and what you should expect from your marketing people instead.

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