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The Success Blueprint to Multiply Sales

Ten or fifteen years ago, a good advertisement would make your phone ring. And an effective salesperson could turn those ringing phones into sales. Today, you need a plan to make the most of every advertising dollar you spend.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

June 2, 2015

Ten or fifteen years ago, a good advertisement would make your phone ring. And an effective salesperson could turn those ringing phones into sales.

But today, your customers have changed. People have access to thousands of choices, which makes it hard for a small business to stand out.

You need a plan to make the most of every advertising dollar you spend.

Spire Success Blueprint for Inbound MarketingAt Spire we’ve developed a six-step process to help small businesses turn invisible web traffic into paying customers. It works with both products and services. It works with small impulse buys and big ticket items too.

In the previous three articles, I’ve detailed steps in our process like uncovering needs, attracting sticky targeted traffic, and fixing leaks in the engagement and nurturing process.  

Today we’ll put it all together. I’ll show how our six-step process could help a small business turn a complete stranger into a $30,000 paying customer.

The Success Blueprint in Action

SunroomSo let’s imagine you own a business that builds custom patio rooms for homeowners in a local area.

We’ll start at the center of the Success Blueprint: Customer Needs.

The people who buy your patio rooms are often motivated by four needs:

> They want more space
> They want to add more value to their home
> They want a room with lots of natural light
> They want a comfortable place to relax

It’s time to Attract Traffic.

So you setup a series of highly-targeted online ads.

Your ads target homeowners who are visiting popular websites about home improvement, home decor, landscaping and more. Your ads run on nationally-recognized sites, but only display to people who live within 25 miles of your showroom.

Locals who pass through these high-traffic sites see ads like these:

Local Targeted Display Network Ad Example

It hits all those customer needs, so people with those needs click the ad and are redirected to your website. 

Patio Room Sample Engaging ArticleTo keep the visitor from quickly leaving, you start to “Engage Visitors.”

Your page has a short, illustrated article that shows how they can plan an amazing patio room. It’s not a sales pitch, it’s about things they can do on their own like “Estimating The Space You’ll Need,” and “How Weather Affects Your Patio Room.”

Some of the visitors who read the article will be curious about pricing. So it’s time to “Capture Leads.”

You offer a “Patio Room Buyer’s Guide” which includes pricing they can expect to pay for different sizes and styles of patio rooms. The visitor enters a name and email address and your website instantly delivers the Buyer’s Guide to the prospect.Patio Room Buyers Guide Lead Magnet

Now it’s time to “Nurture Prospects,” in two ways:

1. For those who leave before they request the buyer’s guide, you use another style of online ad, called “Re-marketing” to continue to show branded patio room ads to these visitors over the next month while they browse the web, in hopes you can get them back for the buyer’s guide too.

2. If they DID request the buyer’s guide, they instantly get an email, delivered automatically, with a link to the buyers guide. This is where you start to highlight unique factors that make your Patio Room Installation company the BEST CHOICE.

While you nurture, you’re earning their trust by focusing on their needs, while continuing to gently suggest taking the next step. A visit to your showroom.

Let’s review.

The Spire Success Blueprint : Small Business MarketingThousands of local people are seeing your ads.  (Attract Traffic)

Hundreds of them are clicking and reading your short article and are now seeing re-marketing ads. (Engage Visitors)

Dozens have requested your buyer’s guide, and are getting nurturing emails from you. (Capture Leads) 

And now, several have already scheduled a visit to your showroom. (Nurture Prospects)

They arrive at the showroom with lots of trust established. They’ve already read your article and emails, and understand some factors that make you unique.

So you do what you’ve done for years.

You close the sale.  (Convert Sales) 

But the Spire Success Blueprint isn’t finished yet.

The last part is “Nurture Customers.”

You have more automated marketing, designed to make them feel good after buying, and to survey them after the job is done. You ask your happy customers for online reviews, and even referrals.

Those referrals drive more targeted local traffic, and your process continues.

This is your Spire Success Blueprint in action.
Marketing automation in action

Every day the Spire Success Blueprint creates sales, for products ranging from $20 books to $20,000 swimming pools. It can even work for a $20 million piece of manufacturing equipment.

This six-step process will work for your business too. Find out how by scheduling a free website review consultation today. 

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