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The Ultimate Remedy for a Bad Case of the Recession

I just finished a new postcard that will be released next week in response to the recession. The headline matches the blog title. The ad copy says the following…

Author: Jeremy Harrison

January 9, 2009

Recession Strategies PostcardI just finished a new postcard that will be released next week in response to the recession.  The headline matches the blog title.  The ad copy says the following:

There’s a nasty bug going around. It’s slowing down even the healthiest of small businesses.  Like a dangerous flu bug, the recession is hurting businesses of all sizes, and threatens the future of thousands of jobs here in North Central Ohio.

But we have a remedy.  We can put your business in front of the very people who are  searching on the internet to buy your products and services. Even if your business is locally focused — we can zero in on people who live within a 5-mile, 25-mile or 50-mile radius of your business if necessary.

Best of all — the investment is less than you’d spend on any conventional advertising, and you can get results on demand. In fact, ask us about our 24-hour guarantee. From the time you say “go”, we can literally have new prospects visiting your website within one business day.  Let us prove it.

If you don’t have a nice website to gather new leads, no problem.  We can build a professional, single-page web presence that’s designed to capture new business leads and deliver them to your inbox.  Expensive?  Not at all. You’ll pay us less than you pay the average employee for 2 weeks of work.  Yet the web presence we create will faithfully serve your business for years to come — without asking for a raise.

Don’t let this recession destroy the health of your small business.   Times have changed, and your strategy must change. We can help.

We have also released a new 45-minute video that shares 7 Strategies to Grow Your Business in a Recession.  You can watch it for free here.


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