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Spire CMS v2.0 Can Make Your Website More Search Engine Friendly

If you’re an existing Spire customer, you know how powerful and easy to use our Content Management system is. However, we haven’t been resting on our laurels…

Author: Jeremy Harrison

August 1, 2008

Spire's Content Management System makes updates easy & powerfulIf you’re an existing Spire customer, you know how powerful and easy to use our Content Management system is. The CMS makes it easy to edit your pages, add new pages, post photos, and much more.

However, we haven’t been resting on our laurels. The team at Spire recognizes how quickly the rules are changing on the internet, and we’ve been hard at work – keeping up with the latest online marketing & strategies and creating a system that is a step ahead of the online trends.

The result is SpireCMS v2.0..

This newly upgraded system has all the features our customers have become familiar with, but it’s jam-packed with so much more. SpireCMS v2.0 will make an enormous improvement on your organization’s online impact.

Improve Your Impact Online with New Search Engine Optimized Features
Consider the Mansfield Ohio Convention & Visitors Bureau. We first designed their website (MansfieldTourism.com) in 2006, using the same system you use on your website today. This Spring, we upgraded MansfieldTourism.com with several of the new elements we are releasing in the new SpireCMS v2.0.

Within just 30 days of launching the new site, MansfieldTourism.com’s visits tripled, and the page views increased more than ten-fold! This higher level of traffic has proven to be sustainable, and Lee Tasseff and his team at the bureau are ecstatic with the continuous pattern of growth they’re seeing month after month.

While we can’t guarantee that your growth will match this level, we WILL give your site the same upgrades that spurred this growth – which will help you maximize your traffic and search engine rankings online. There are also a number of new features that we’ve developed since launching Mansfield’s website — all of these new features are included in our new SpireCMS v2.0.

New search engine optimizing features include RSS Feeds, dynamically generated site maps that notify Google and the other top search engines when you make updates, improved keyword-friendly URLs, keyword tagging and much more. If you don’t know what this stuff means, don’t sweat it. These new features will simply work behind the scenes without you thinking about it, and their search engine impact will be significant.

But “geeky” search engine optimization strategies aren’t the only way SpireCMS v2.0 has improved…

Updating Your Website Will be Easier and More Enjoyable with SpireCMS v2.0…

Here are a few features that you will love when we upgrade your website:

  • Improved User Interface
    The user interface has been improved, making it easier to find what you need, and streamlining your work. For example, we’ve built in “drag and drop” features that will minimize clicks, and accelerate your updates.
  • Forms that Get Completed Automatically!
    We’ve simplified the process of creating new content. Features like clickable calendars, our keyword suggestion tool, and a synopsis field that completes itself based on what you type in the description. There are many little things, but they combine to save you a LOT of valuable time.

  • Recurring Events
    Have a calendar of events? Simplify your event posting – particularly those things that happen weekly, monthly or annually with a powerful new recurring events feature.
  • Blogging & Commenting
    Allow your visitors to interact like never before with built-in blogging capability and commenting that you can enable or disable for each blog post.
  • Improved Navigation With Site Search & Keyword Tagging
    Now your visitors can search your site for content they’re looking for, and stay around longer by clicking keywords that connect one page to another. This strategy has helped contribute to dramatic growth in traffic for our clients.
  • Podcasts, Videos & Other Multimedia
    Enhance your user’s experience and your performance in Google’s new “blended” search results with podcasts, videos and more.
  • Search Engine Friendly XML Sitemaps
    You won’t even have to think about this feature, but rest assured that it’s in there.  SpireCMS creates a group of auto-updated XML sitemap.  You’ll have special sitemap sections for pages, news, blogs, events, video and more, which will help search engines find your content faster.  Best of all, whenever you add a new page, blog, or other piece of content, the sitemaps automatically get updated, and Google sends their “spiders” out to find your new content quickly.
  • Track Your Growth & Measure Success
    Now you can track your growth directly from the CMS. We will provide a number of detailed reports that will help you see where visitors spend their time on your site, and which pages people ignore. This will help you continually improve your website.

If you’re an existing customer, give us a call and we’ll talk about how a small upgrade expense can help you experience huge increases on your website. Or if you don’t already have a website designed by Spire, visit our website design section to learn more. All new websites come with our powerful new SpireCMS v2.0.

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