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The Key to Door-Opening Sales

You can now take this marketing resource anywhere you have a mobile device! Get quick answers to increased sale techniques anywhere you go.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Your Answer to Increased Sales Just Went Digital

Who said creating awesome video content had to cost a fortune? Did you know that with the improvements of technology you can use something as easy as your own smartphone to shoot video content for your small business’ website? Sell your products with ease and let customers dive in to the core of your business through video.

Spire’s Content Director, Patrick Sprague, has written an eBook called From Selfie to Sales. How to Create Great Videos with Your Smartphone.  The book covers four important elements:

  1. The four basic types of video, which will help you find the best method to accomplish different marketing goals using video.
  2. How to maximize your video quality – Your smartphone can actually take great looking video, this book shows you the way to make it happen every time.
  3. Best practices for editing.  We’ll show you how to weed through footage and put together your best, seamlessly.
  4. How to implement the video to achieve your goals. Making the video is only half the battle! We’ll give you implementation processes that ensure your audience engages! 

Getting video content that leads to sales is in the palm of your hand, literally! This eBook is full of steps to get you on the right path for creating a video your customers cannot refuse.

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