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Email Marketing Made Simple for the Small Business Owner

Finding the right voice to communicate with your customers can be a challenge. Lucky for you, everyone and their mother has email nowadays! Turn your email campaigns into marketing success in three simple steps.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Email marketing can be a mystery to an entrepreneur.

What works? What doesn’t? How can you make sure your customers are opening your emails?

Questions like these can have a huge impact on whether your click-thru-rates on emails are increasing. Luckily, There is a single ingredient to your marketing mix that promises your customers will open your emails every single time.


Trust is the key component to successful email marketing. Do you have trust with your customers? If so, are you risking that trust via overreaching or unrelenting marketing emails to them?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions, STOP! Follow these three simple steps to email marketing before you hit “SEND!”

Is this message relevant to the recipient?

If you are sending to the email merely so that your business will benefit, don’t do it. Be sure that your email is personal, specific, to the recipients’ needs. Make sure they benefit!

Is this message important?

If you are sending to the email simply because it?s Wednesday, and you need to send out something every week, don?t do it! Make sure that when your recipient opens the message, the message matters.

Is this message welcome?

In other words, would YOU want to receive the email if you were the customer? If not, why in the world would they want it in his or her inbox?

Relevant. Important. Welcome. Keep these factors in mind when it comes to your email marketing. But most importantly, these people need to trust you before they open your emails! Email marketing is powerful, but it needs to be win-win. If you only benefit yourself, your customer will archive your email right in the Spam Folder.

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