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What’s New at Spire?

Changes are always happening at Spire to better our company and ultimately better your business! We’ve recently hired Whitney Derr, our Writing Specialist to generate content for your site.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

So many exciting changes are happening at Spire! We’re taking steps daily to better our service to our clients, which ultimately enhances your business’ needs.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Whitney, Spire’s first full-time Writing Specialist! Here at Spire, we know how important it is to have relevant, creative content. We also get that you’re running a business! You may not have the time or desire to write your own content. This is where I come in.

You’re in good hands. I have my Bachelor’s in Corporate Communications and have spent the last year working at an ad agency in Canton, Ohio. I bring experience and passion to the table – the perfect combination to write the content you need.

I’ve been a writer since I was 17. I have experience writing for both B2B and B2C. The best part? I love highlighting the importance of small businesses.

I was thrilled to join Spire because their passions align with mine in bettering small businesses and  the community as a whole. These are the shops, restaurants, specialty shops, churches, and manufacturers I grew up with. These businesses, these people matter. 

Great content leads to…well leads! This is where you catch the attention of your customers. Does your content answer these important questions?

  • Why is your brand the better choice compared to competitors? 
  • How do I relate to my customers’ needs?
  • What makes you unique? 

Not sure? I’m ready to work with you through open communication and lay out your message in your voice. Lets talk! 

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