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5 Warning Signs Your Brand Could Use a Little More Awareness

If you’re having a hard time getting noticed and gaining traction in your industry, you might not have a lead problem. You might have an awareness problem.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

November 10, 2021

In a world full of companies bombarding consumers with their products at every turn, it may seem impossible to compete with all of them. It’s true that it’s harder than ever to get your customer’s attention. But it’s easy to forget one of the most basic ways to grow our businesses: brand awareness.

Five Warning Signs Your Brand Awareness Could Use Some Attention

#1: A competitor is stealing your lunch.

There’s a competitor in your space who is starting to edge out your brand, winning more of the opportunities you used to have. In some cases, the competitor may be actively detracting from your brand; in other cases, they are just drowning you out with strong brand awareness of their own.

#2: People don’t seem to understand what you really do.

Have you heard the phrase, “Oh, I didn’t know you did that, too,” or “Oh, I thought you were a [ insert thing you don’t make or do here ]“? If so, you have a brand awareness problem.

#3: People have a negative impression of your brand.

Do customers have a bad perception of who you are because of past decisions or previous owners? It can be difficult to overcome negative reviews or attitudes about your company, but you can, with… you guessed it, brand awareness.

#4: You’re targeting a new group of people.

You’ve decided you want to start targeting a younger audience (those Millennials, am I right?). What do you know about this new market? What assumptions are you making about them? Chances are, they will behave and respond differently than your current customers.

Not everyone knows what your company does, even if you feel like you’ve said it hundreds of times. It’s vital to act as though your business is brand new, because to that person, it is.

#5: You want to grow into a new market, region, or service.

Are you adding a new solution? Maybe you’re reaching out to a new geographic region. Maybe you have a new product to sell, but your current customers don’t associate that product type with your company.

Your potential buyers are likely to be unsure about who you are or what you offer. Don’t try to grow in this way without making brand awareness your first priority.

Start Changing the Game

Start by figuring out who it is that you want to be talking to. Then decide how your solutions help those people solve a real problem.

Changing your customers’ perceptions starts with changing the way they feel about and associate with your brand.

Brand awareness introduces who you are and what you’re all about in a memorable way. If you have strong brand awareness, it’ll be your name customers think of when they need the product or service you provide, and not your competitors.

If you’re feeling overlooked by your target customers, we can help. Spire has created and manages hundreds of targeted digital marketing and brand awareness campaigns for local businesses that want to grow. Connect with us today!

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