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HYSight Technologies Announced as Winner of Spire Advertising’s $10,000 Website & Marketing Giveaway

The winner of our $10,000 website giveaway has been selected! Join us in congratulating HYSight Technologies!

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

We are ecstatic to recognize HYSight Technologies as our $10,000 Website and Marketing Package winner! 

Out of 67 small businesses in North Central Ohio, we have a winner!

This company is on the forefront of their industry. As the rise of technological advances increase in so many fields at all levels of business, there had to be a solution. Meet HYSight Technologies!

HYSight Technologies is owned by Ryan Anschultz and John Bartolucci and is a primary retailer for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) equipped for rapid development. Their goal is to bring UAVs or “Drones” to mainstream, local, state, and commercial use. These UAVs are equipped with specialty sensors to heighten the accuracy of the product including thermal imaging and high resolution cameras. 

This company is also authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct drone flights for profit: Drone as a Service or DAAS. This includes, but not limited to fields such as aerial data collection i.e. roof inspections, solar farm thermal imaging inspections, utility inspections, construction sites, public safety support operations, surveying, and precision agricultural tasks.

They also offer a Myriad of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) configurations and customizations such as law enforcement, search and rescue, fire department, civil service/government agencies, and collegiate research.Spire Website Giveaway

Co-owner of HYSight, Ryan Anschutz called winning the Spire Giveaway a “game changer” for his business. “We can use the resources from winning this contest to help other people who aren’t even aware they can be helped with our technology.”

This innovative industry, described as “ever-so-changing” by Co-owner, John Bartolucci, also went on to say, “We can stand out and develop the HYSight Technologies brand now. We want to be recognized as the primary source for UAV services.”

Leaders from Spire visited HYSight Technologies’ offices Thursday and surprised the owners with their prize. “Ryan & John have a well-planned startup with great potential and we can’t wait to get started in helping them grow,” said Spire Founder & CEO, Jeremy Harrison.

In addition to giving away a $10,000 website and marketing package, Spire is also giving away a website/advertising audit valued at $350 each to ten small business owners who entered the contest. 

A huge thank you to the 67 small businesses in North Central Ohio who entered our contest! You are why Spire does what we do – empower small business success that transforms communities.

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