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Are You Selling or Solving?

The used car salesman gets a bad rap, but it isn’t because he’s a salesman. Here are four tips to change the name of the game… and the way you play it – from “salesman” to “professional solutions provider.”

Author: Bryan Lefelhoc

May 25, 2017

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Doctor, lawyer, farmer, scientist, accountant… they’re all great paths, but they’re only five of a million and five options! In today’s world…there are no limits.

How about a sales career? Anyone want to be a salesman when they grow up? Anyone? Hello??? Is this thing on…?

You know what…I don’t want to be a “salesman” either.

But I do want to help people. I do want to solve their problems. I want to come alongside them in business and equip them to do the things they want to do, to accomplish their goals, to live their dreams.

I want to strategize with small business owners a way out of their current predicament. I want to help them get more for their hard earned money. I want to solve their problems.

But I don’t want to be a salesman.

So. What if the career was “Professional Solutions Provider”?

Hmmm…yeah, that sounds like something I’d like to do when I grow up. I’ll solve problems for a living!

“Sir, I’d like to have a moment of your time to show you how my solutions can change your world. You’ve got a problem I’ve got a solution! Step right up, buddy ol’ pal, and let’s solve some stuff together!”

Oh man…that sounds like a salesman.

I am a salesman, 27 years and counting. And I’m proud of it. Here’s why…

Businesses that I have worked with over the years are thriving due to using the tools that I have persuaded them to want to own. I didn’t have to lie, cheat, steal, or force them to buy anything. I’ve never twisted anyone’s arm or held their pen to the paper to sign their name. I have transferred my enthusiasm for my product to them, so that they wanted it so badly, they were willing to pay the amount for it that I asked in return.

Here’s four ways you can boost your effectiveness as a salesperson by changing the way you play the game… as a solutions provider.

Rule #1: Never sell to meet a quota.

Tell your boss to go pound salt if he wants you to close a deal just to meet a goal. Your customer was not put on this earth to help you hit a number. That’s what stereotypical salespeople do. You should only sell to those who can truly benefit from your product and services. Say no to the rest.

Rule #2: Charge what it’s worth.

Is your solution a real solution? Then it’s not cheap. Cheap is something salespeople sell. No one should pay more than what something is worth, either in actual or perceived value. But don’t let them pay less either.

Rule # 3: Don’t run.

If you believe in your solution, you’ll come back to follow up, offer assistance, and make sure your solution is being implemented properly. Believe in your solution enough to back it up. Salespeople run… solutions providers stay. And solve!

Rule #4. Don’t count your commission.

You’re not going to get rich on the back of a single buyer. You’re building a sales career. Be fair and solve as many problems for as many people as you can. Your income will take care of itself.

Bottom line, no one can be successful without the tools they need to do so. If you have what they need, the solution they’ve been missing… then they need to know it. You need to sell them on it!

Still don’t want to be a salesperson? Hold on to your tweed jacket and briefcase, because if you’re good at what you do, you already are!

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that produces digital marketing solutions for small businesses. We have website designers, digital marketing experts, videographers, programmers and content specialists, all in house, all experts at their craft.

All driven to excellence. All solving problems. All providing solutions.

All salespeople!

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