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The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Leads from Your Advertising

Andrew is about to show you why you’re throwing most of your advertising budget out the window, and provide you with a clear, simple plan to quickly get more leads.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

There’s one thing all small business leaders need more of: Leads.

If you’re like most of the leaders we talk to, you’re great at turning leads into sales! It’s what’s kept you going and continues to motivate the hard work you’re putting into your business.

But attracting quality leads continues to be the main marketing challenge (often GROWTH challenge) for most small businesses before they walk through our door.

I’m about to show you why you’re throwing most of your advertising budget out the window and provide you with a clear, simple plan to quickly get more leads.

I’ll cut straight to the point (I know you’re strapped on time), then explain more below.

The main reason you’re not getting leads from your ads: You’re asking for too much without building trust with your prospects.

It’s just like if you’re proposing marriage before you know her name.

Let me explain.

When you start a relationship with somebody, what’s the first thing you do? Talk about how many kids you’ll have together?

No! That’s creepy. And weird.

This person has no reason to trust you – and actually wants to run away from you by now. (Unless, of course, they’re equally as creepy. In which case, it’s a good time for YOU to leave right now!)

But this is essentially the same trap most business owners fall into with their advertising. It’s tempting to think people will want to join a list or buy a product at the sight of your ad.

When’s the last time YOU did that? Exactly.

Instead of leading off with the big ask – or even running an ad that talks about you and your products – you need to calm down and take one small step at a time. You’ll set yourself up to actually get some quick successes that lead toward more cash in your pocket.

So, instead of asking for someone’s hand in marriage as soon as you meet, what do you do? Well, a logical and comfortable next step would be going out for a cup of coffee. It’s something REALLY SIMPLE with a low-level of commitment on the other end, but something that moves you toward trust, and ultimately, your main goal.

The same is true with your advertising and getting leads.

The BEST way to get leads in today’s market is to give away something of high value, that really helps a need of your prospect on the other end.

This is called a LEAD MAGNET. It should be something so irresistible, with a low commitment, that you shouldn’t have much resistance.

It could be a cheat sheet, a proven template they could use that you use every day, a “how to” guide, a quick educational video series… something that helps them achieve THEIR goals.

To be transparent with you, I think you’d benefit from downloading our 2-Page Cheat Sheet For Lead Gen Websites — it shows what pages to put on your website to warm up visitors and create a lead-generating machine.


It’s the process we use for every lead-generating website we build, and most of our clients who need more leads have seen huge success by implementing what’s included. It’s yours – free!

And that’s it! I’ve spilled the beans on the #1 reason you’re NOT getting leads, and hopefully sparked some ideas on how you could start getting more leads with a few small shifts on your website and marketing flow.

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