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How Video Increases Engagement Online

Video content creates a bond with your audience. For small businesses, this is important. Be the company customers choose over your competition by establishing a connection with them.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

BREAKING: Video Content is More Engaging Than Written

Engaging content makes a world of difference for small businesses. When customers visit your website, having content they can interact with actually boosts leads and sales! 

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, this is an opportunity you can’t turn away! Videos can be used throughout your website and enhance your content in more ways than one.

Places that are perfect for video content include:

Page headers. This is super cost effective and establishes a great, immediate connection with users!

Slideshow on homepage. Capture users with beautiful videography.

“Why Us” page. Use a video to explain your culture and engage people who want to learn more about your small business.

Anywhere! Get creative! Spire has a phenomenal content department ready to work with you and create compelling content and attract quality traffic!

Aside from your website, video content can be implemented on a multi-platform base. If you have an awesome video explaining who you are and what you do, this can also go on your social media, as well as email marketing campaigns. Have a presentation coming up? Use a video to leave a lasting impression. 

Measure Results with Video

Being a small business owner means your time is limited. The cool trick with video content is that you have access to analytics that show a few factors to gain more views:

  • Show how long users are watching your video.
  • Find the strongest points throughout video.
  • Find where people stopped watching the video and modify it to keep people tuned in longer!
  • Measure click-thru-rate or CTR improvements

Video content creates a bond with your audience. For small businesses, this is important. This allows you to stand out from the competition! Being able to reuse your videos on multiple channels saves you time and money – two things your business values! Intrigue your customers visually and balance their thirst for information with written content. This gives your website a perfect balance.

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