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The Method to Avoid Self-Centered Marketing and Increase Sales!

Focus on the needs of your customer. Learn how to shift your marketing to be all about them, but still make them love your small business.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Is your marketing too self-centered?

Odds are, yes. You may not even realize it! If so, it’s costing you traffic, sales, and conversions. This is your problem.

Your solution? The right content proposes your business to your customers in a way that speaks their language. It’s not pushy, or demanding, but actually inviting!

“Self-centered” marketing talks too much about the business and the product for sale, and not enough about the customer who’s buying it.

Two words: Inbound Marketing. When you master inbound marketing for your small business, you’ll see a boost in sales and conversions!

What can your small businesses do to survive and grow in a massive sea of competitors? Use compelling content to maximize inbound marketing results and drive up sales! You’re on the right track to discovering the method of using content, be it written, video, or photography. This engages your customers and makes you stick out amongst the competition.

The Power of “Inbound Marketing” and Content’s Role

With inbound marketing, you aren’t pushing your product or service, but you are creating an attractive, inviting place that naturally draws in new customers with great content, earning their trust, and giving them the opportunity to ASK to buy from you.

When the ASK comes from a buyer instead of a seller, you have something really powerful. Writing engaging written content, or having a video that pulls your customer into your site gives them a sense of comfort because they relate to you!

This is the exact strategy I’ve used since 2006 to grow Spire from a cash-strapped spare-bedroom startup to a seven-figure company with hundreds of recurring customers. It isn’t quick or easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. Inbound marketing, (when done right) is a long-term strategy that will help you sustain growth and dominate your market.

You need sales and conversions. Your customers need a product or service that fixes a problem. Meet your needs as a small business owner by meeting the needs of your customers, first!

Shifting Your Focus

The late Zig Ziglar (1926-2012) was a remarkable man with great wisdom about selling. In his classic 1984 book, “Secrets of Closing the Sale” he said,

“You will get all you want in life, if you will help other people get what they want.”

This has never been more true. In order to get what you want, you must help others get what they want. The content on your website should reflect this, or else your customer will get bored and quickly leave your site. So let’s break down your wants versus your customers’:


But first, what DO you want? Here are three “wants” that every small business leader could probably agree on:

“I want more traffic.”

“I want more quality leads.”

“I want more profitable sales.”

All three are extremely important to growing your business, no doubt. But don’t pursue them without thinking about what the potential customer wants.

So what does your potential customer want?


…to solve a problem

…to fill a need

…to reduce or eliminate something they have fear about

…to deal with a pain point

…to learn something new

None of these things on the “THEY WANT” list have anything to do with buying from you. Not yet. But if you can help them do some of the things on their list, with no strings attached, you will build something vitally important to your success. Something that is more coveted than ever before. Trust. This is why content is so important for your small business! The right content relays trust.

You must focus on the needs of your customer. Help people address the things THEY WANT and your trust will skyrocket, so will your sales results.

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