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How Can Pinterest Marketing Work for Small Business?

Find out if Pinterest marketing is a good fit for your small business, and learn the perks it offers over other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

With the dizzying array of social media platforms available today, it’s clear that socialization and communication has changed—both in terms of personal and business communications. Find out if Pinterest marketing is a good fit for your small business, and learn the perks it offers over other social media like Facebook and Twitter.


No matter its potential, without a Pinterest marketing strategy working for you, you won’t capitalize on the power the social media platform offers. Here’s how to make Pinterest marketing work for your small business:

  • Become a brand authority. Take Middle Sister Wines, for instance. They’ve built a Pinterest marketing strategy based on humor and education. They link useful YouTube videos to a Tips and Tricks board, making their Pinterest boards the go-to resource for everything you wanted to know about their wines.
  • Extend your reach. Small businesses can capitalize on the growing community on Pinterest by connecting with popular “pinners,” or influencers. Some Pinterest users have already built up a large, loyal following, and if you can identify a few users with interests that match your product offerings, you can quickly get exposure to a very large audience—much like Twitter and Facebook posts exponentially reach users. Start by searching Pinterest for influencers that have a large following in your niche, follow those users, and re-pin content from their boards.
  • Make it relevant. Your product and service lines must fit with the nature of Pinterest, which is highly visual. But like any other social media platform, great content should come first. Offer users something of value matched with a great pic, and you’re sure to win a loyal following.
  • Make it educational. While you want to be sure to provide smart, relevant content that users will find helpful, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also create boards that showcase your business.
  • Invest in great photos. By nature, Pinterest is visual, and great visuals will attract users and influencers to your boards. Come up with creative ways to do that, for instance, taking professional-quality pictures of your menu, products that include apt descriptions, staff and/or locations, and so forth. According to Forbes, social media posts with pictures are three times more likely to get users to engage—and the more likely they will be pinned and re-pinned.
  • Prioritize engagement. Getcustomers involved by inviting them to pin to your boards and comment. Staff the boards and make sure that everyone who comments, asks a questions, or shares feedback gets a response from your business.

Pinterest marketing isn’t difficult to do, but it does take time. Does the nature of the platform suit your business, and can you afford to spare the resources it takes to develop a presence and build up a following

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