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It’s on the Website.

Make sure your website is creating enthusiasm. Then, YOU make the sale.

Author: Bryan Lefelhoc

October 1, 2012

Imagine you are a car salesman (and that’s not a bad thing! I did it for a while, and you should too..but that’s another story).

So, you’re a car salesman, sitting in your office, waiting for the next prospect. In walks a nice young man who shakes your hand and says, “Hello fine Sir, I’d like to buy a car!”

And your response is, of course… “Absolutely! Just go home and log onto our beautiful new website. You’ll find every car we have, and you’ll get the lowest price too.”

Well, now, of course that isn’t how you would respond, is it? You’d ask him to sit down, get him a cup of coffee, ask his name and begin a relationship that will ultimately end in a sale.

Have you ever called a business and asked a question, just to be told “It’s on the website”? You have, and you hate that, don’t you?

My point is there is a tendency to put all of your “stuff” on the website, when what you should be doing is using that site to help a site visitor WANT a relationship. Include a “call to action” to allow the site visitor to share an e-mail address. Write a blog that tells more about you and why you do what you do. Display your phone number so prominently that a site visitor will WANT to call you.

“Sales” is nothing but “transfer of enthusiasm”. Make sure your website is creating that enthusiasm…and make sure it encourages the transfer. Then, YOU make the sale.

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