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3 Fast and Easy Ways to Create Virtual Meetings

With growing concerns over the Coronavirus, hosting virtual meetings can help you keep people connected in real-time, even if they are uncomfortable gathering in person. Here are three recommended platforms to consider.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

March 12, 2020

We’ve had a number of people ask for advice on how to host a virtual meeting. With growing concerns over the Coronavirus, this can help you keep people connected in real-time, even if they are uncomfortable gathering in person.

You could always record your events and send them later, but people will be less emotionally connected, and they won’t have a way to interact.

Here are three recommended tools businesses, churches, and organizations can use for live virtual meetings, conferences, worship services, and so on that provide you with options for participant interaction.

Facebook Live

This is the simplest approach. It’s free, you can do it with a click from a smartphone, and people can post their questions and thoughts live.

One potential challenge with Facebook Live is privacy. It’s harder to control who has access, unless you create a private Facebook group and go live from the group. For this reason, Facebook Live may not be the best option for private events. If limiting access is not a concern, however, you can learn more about Facebook Live here.

Zoom Webinars

Zoom is a popular tool for video conferencing. They offer the ability to do live webinars with video. Zoom comes with a cost but allows you to control how people ask questions. You can also record the webinar and provide a link to play it later. This is our favorite option—it’s powerful, yet easy to use. Learn more about Zoom here.


GoToWebinar is another option to consider. It’s powered by GoToMeeting, and it’s been around for a long time. This is probably the most full-featured option (though Zoom may be just as good). Learn more about GoToWebinar here. 

Of the three options for private events and seminars during this time, we recommend Zoom. Both Zoom and GoToWebinar will give you the tools you need to register attendees and invite them online to the event, to control how you handle questions, to mute attendees or open it up, and much more.

Some folks ask us if these meetings need to happen on your website. Your website doesn’t have much of a role in virtual meetings, besides a tool to promote your events and provide a link to signup.

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