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How to Capture Attention with Your Marketing

Learn more about how to capture your customer’s attention with engaging marketing.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

November 2, 2021

If they don’t feel engaged with your business they’ll move on. The key to capturing your ideal customer’s attention is proper content.

As technology increases, our world becomes clogged with distractions and reaching these customers becomes harder and harder. Breaking your marketing into four baby steps will provide you with a simple process to produce effective content. 

Each step should be approached as an individual goal before moving on to the next. 

Step 1: Attract

Step one is to attract attention. Customers spend a lot of time on social media, and our first goal is to get them to stop scrolling, even if it’s just for a split second.

Step 2: Engage

You’ve captured their attention, your next goal is a click. Now, one of the biggest problems with social media posts is that people are clogging up their posts with too much information. 

The world already has plenty of distractions. Posts need to be kept short with a few details and a call to action. Typically in the engagement step, your goal is to get a click from your social post or ad that takes them to your website.

Step 3: Engage 2.0

You got them to your website. Your next goal is to make them stay. You want to provide them with content and information that makes them want to learn more. In other words, you want to make them stick around on your site and avoid hitting the “back” button. 

Step 4: Capture

Your final step is to get that customer to take action. Whether they make a purchase, give you a call, or share a name and email, your sole goal is that you have gotten a lead to eventually nurture into a repeat customer relationship. 

While this four step process makes it easier to produce content for your ideal customer, you may still be asking yourself how to target them.

Luckily, there are three more simple steps to follow to accomplish this. 

Step 1: Reach People Where They Spend Their Time

We briefly discussed this already, but most people are spending their time on social media platforms. The question you have to answer yourself is which platform or platforms are your ideal customers on most often?

You don’t have to cover all platforms. In fact, you may find you have more success by focusing on just one platform. For instance, if you’re trying to reach older adults, you’ll most likely find they are on Facebook, and younger generations, especially teenagers, will be easier to reach on Instagram or Tik Tok. 

Step 2: Reach Prospects in the Right Area

Find your ideal target area. A lot of businesses think that it’s best to reach as many people as they possibly can, but in reality this isn’t always beneficial. 

For example, if you are a small bank, someone isn’t going to drive three hours to deposit a check. Therefore, targeting all of Ohio wouldn’t be beneficial to grow your business. Instead, your target area would be a much smaller radius that includes individuals in a reasonable driving distance. 

Step 3: Reach Prospects About a Problem You Can Solve

Create a story your customers can relate to. When creating marketing content, you want to present a problem that your ideal customer has that your business can quickly and effectively solve. This will make your customer say, “Hey! I have this problem too and I can see that this business can help me solve it, and fast!”  

Avoid self-centered marketing and replace it with useful information that holds value to your customer. This will help you attract more prospects and gain repeat customers in the future.

In the end, you want to be able to say “My marketing attracts attention because it’s targeted to my ideal customer needs.” 

If you’re not ready to conquer this process alone, or you just want to learn more about reaching ideal prospects with your marketing, contact me! 

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