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Where Customer Engagement Opportunity Lives and How to Get It

Don’t just talk at your customers, talk to them! Make these people see themselves as the hero in your brand’s story for the best engagement results.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Are You Benefitting from Your Written Content? 

Sure, you have content on your website.

But are you using it in the most effective way to engage your audience?

The formula of your brand story could be defective. This leads your business no where online. You need to condense your small business into a simple story your customer can visualize him or herself in!

When it comes to marketing our businesses, we must learn to understand and leverage what great story tellers have known for generations. This is the formula your brand short should follow.

Engagement within your story goes beyond making your customer the hero. You have to speak to these people! This means identifying with the problems they face, empathizing with their needs and establishing credibility with the grounds your company stands on.

Let’s talk about Mini’s Cookies.

The owner of this cookie shop wants to target business owners who are thinking about gift giving ideas.

So, this small business owner stays away from self-centered marketing and focuses on the customer and their needs by including written content such as,

“We understand you’re in a bind. Not everyone has the same preference when it comes to gifts. People want different things.”

This speaks to the internal worries the customer faces.

Then, the business establishes credibility and authority,

“Mini’s Cookies knows you’re on the go. You may not have time to deliver your gifts to your clients in your busy schedule. That’s why we offer delivery services right to your client’s business or home. You can even select the type of packaging you’d like!”

See what she did there? The target of Mini’s Cookies is engaged with the written content because their target identifies with the business’ brand story.

They [the customers] see themselves as the hero.

You should also invite visitors on your website to take action, this can be done subtly or more in-depth. See how Mini’s Cookies carried this out,

Invite to Click: Fresh, Ohio-made cookies shipped to your customers!

Invite to Connect: Get a free cookie!

HINT: Before someone sends a gift of cookies to valuable clients, he or she wants to make sure the gift is tasty! By offering a free cookie from Mini’s, the target audience sees benefit for both themselves, and their clients!

Invite to Convert: Shop now!

These types of invitations can be spread to throughout your website. That’s the cool part about engaging written content – it’s versatile!

When your website visitors can relate to your brand story, they’re more likely to engage on your website. Be clear, be simple, and make your customer the hero of your story!

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