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How to Improve Your Messaging in Seconds

Ever wonder why you love your favorite movie as much as you do? You can find out AND find out how this strategy applies to your small business!

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Think of your favorite movie – as you watched it you felt engaged. You were drawn in from the beginning. You were so interested in finding out how the movie ended you watched until the credits came rolling.

The movie’s plot was easy to follow and clear, right?

This same concept of clarity should apply to how you develop your business’ brand.

You want to tell a story. The story of your business!

Our brains are seemingly hard-wired to hear stories in a certain way. This “way” has been figured out by hit movies and television shows. When businesses use the same formula in their branding, they see results. When it comes to marketing our businesses, we must learn to understand and leverage what great storytellers have known for generations.

So, what exactly is the RIGHT way to tell your brand’s story? Most businesses make the mistake of making themselves the hero in their story. They’re saving their customers. However, people stay engaged in stories they can visualize themselves in.

The answer? Make your customers the hero in your story. Your hero has a problem, and you are the solution!

In other words, if your brand’s story were Star Wars, your customer should be Luke Skywalker. You are Yoda. Not the other way around.

You want to focus on your customer and his or her needs. This makes your customer the main character in your company’s story! It may take a couple of tries to get your story to sound exactly the way you envision, but this can all be done with content!

You see, you use different elements of writing, such as empathy and authority to really hit home with your customers. You want them to understand you “get” them. With clear, strongly worded statements you speak to these people. When they feel engaged, they’ll stick with your story until the very end because they want to see what happens.

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