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Enhancing Facebook Results With Contests & Giveaways

If you’re developing a brand presence on Facebook but your strategy doesn’t include contests or giveaways, you’re probably missing the mark.

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Does your business have a Facebook presence? Great! Do you offer discounts, run contests or do giveaways? 

If not, keep reading, because you probably should, and this article will show you how.

enter to win

If you’re developing a brand presence on Facebook but your strategy doesn’t include any of these ideas, you’re probably missing the mark. At the least you’re missing out on potential customer engagement and an increase in traffic. The question is, can you afford not to implement an effective Facebook strategy?

The survey says…

The key to a successful Facebook strategy involves knowing how to use the tool for growth. Facebook users have spoken, offering small businesses insight into best practices. A recent report by Analytic Partners offers insight into how and why people use Facebook. The survey asked respondents to cite their reasons for joining business pages and communities on Facebook. The number one reason for joining might surprise you—especially if you’re not yet doing this on your Facebook business page. The number one reason people connect with business page and communities is for getting a deal. 

Overwhelmingly, Facebook users say they join brand communities on Facebook to:

  • Get a discount.
  • Join a contest.
  • Enter a giveaway.

So, back to our question: Can you afford not to give consumers what they’re most looking for? 

Moving beyond Facebook-page creation

Do you have people liking your Facebook page, but you’re not sure what your next step should be? If your Facebook strategy hasn’t evolved beyond developing a brand page, all that’s required is to figure out the best kind of contest, discount or giveaway targeting your ideal customer. 

Some examples include the following: 

  • If you sell a product or service, offering a discount is a good way to get on-the-fence customers to buy.
  • Run a contest that allows consumers to suggest the name for a new product, and then vote to determine a winner.
  • To generate buzz around a product, create a caption contest that lets consumers come up with a sentence or two based on a picture of your product, with a cute or funny factor.

With the next step effectively fleshed out, you’re set to increase engagement and attract new customers. However, don’t run Facebook contests and discounts at the expense of other strategies that work. The survey by Analytic Partners also revealed that 85 percent of respondents were more receptive to ads from brands they already support than sponsored stories or Facebook’s target ads. Further, 25 percent of respondents said they were like to engage with videos, with women reporting higher levels of engagement than men. 

A quick guide

After wading through the stats and how-to’s, here’s a simple summary of the key takeaways recommended in this post: Run a contest, give something away or offer a discount. It’s the number one reason why people are liking your business page. Try a few approaches to find what works for your customer base. Include paid ads and videos in your Facebook strategy, alongside relevant offers and deals, and watch your return on investment grow.

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