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Hiring Campaigns

Find the employees you need to keep growing.

Don’t let hiring struggles slow your growth. Traditional hiring practices no longer work, but we can help you apply marketing strategy to your recruiting to find the workers you need.


Five Signs Hiring Is Holding You Back…

Icon of a group of people
You can’t find enough good workers
Icon of unhappy feedback
Too many applicants won’t show up for interviews or won’t pass drug tests
Icon of a thumbs down
You often feel like you’re settling for unqualified workers
Icon of people with packed bags
You struggle with employee retention and need people who will stay
Icon of a person walking away
You are forced to turn away opportunities because of a limited workforce

Why Choose Spire?

Here are four ways Spire is uniquely positioned to help you recruit the people you need.
  • Fix the “Now Hiring” disconnect.

    You’re hiring? So is everybody! Gone are the days you post a job and wait for applicants to pour in. We can help you design campaign to attract a better quality pool of applicants.
  • Simplify your hiring process.

    Most companies scare job seekers away before they ever apply. We will help you identify and eliminate hiring process issues to get more applications.
  • Get marketing and recruiting working together.

    Our hiring campaigns will get your marketing people and hiring people at the same table, as you create demand with both prospective customers AND prospective employees.
  • Make it hum.

    We follow a proven process to help you test and refine your hiring campaigns and unlock success, while adapting to your evolving recruitment needs.

Three Steps for an Effective Hiring Campaign…


We’ll start with a Hiring Assessment to find opportunities to improve your hiring process. This leads to a clear plan that fits your goals and budget.


You’ll work closely with a Marketing Manager who collaborates with you and a skilled team of writers, designers, and developers to help turn your plan into action.


The campaign is live, now let’s make it hum! In Spire’s Growth Builder Program we will monitor and improve, while adapting strategy to your ever-changing needs.

The Surprising Connection Between Marketing Success and Hiring Success

There’s an interesting connection between marketing and hiring. When you get your marketing people and HR people at the same table, you can really help each other unlock growth.

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