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How to Gain Leads Like a Boss

Gain success, results, and leads! Your customer has valuable information you need, so how do you get that information?

Author: Jeremy Harrison

September 15, 2021

Leads can be difficult to come by. The secret to gaining leads with content is this:

People will trade valuable information for valuable content. Every time.

Getting a lead doesn’t have to be difficult if small business owners and entrepreneurs follow this piece of advice. What identifies a lead? The name and contact info of the visitor on your business’ website!

A person’s valuable information, such as their name and email, can make or break a sale for your company. When you offer something that person sees as useful, for example a guide of some sort, this compels the visitor on your page to give you the information you need for the content they want.

Success Blueprint

Appeal to your visitor’s self-interest. Use words like “free” to prompt action. Show the benefit of what this person will get for simply entering his or her name and email. You can’t just cold call people anymore to get a sale. You have to engage with them to capture leads, especially if you’re a small business owner!

When you have great, compelling content throughout your site, your numbers in leads will skyrocket!

Imagine you own a business that builds custom patio rooms for homeowners in a local area. You’re content has driven them to the “Capturing Leads” stage of Spire’s Success Blueprint. So what happens next?

You offer a “Patio Room Buyer’s Guide”, which includes pricing they can expect to pay for different sizes and styles of padigitalmarketer.com/course/create-your-content-engine/tio rooms. The visitor enters a name and email address and your website instantly delivers the Buyer’s Guide to the prospect! See the example below: 

Buyer's Guide to Prospect

After dozens of people have requested your buyer’s guide, you can go one step further and send “nurturing emails” to these leads.

Again, capturing leads is a small portion of Spire’s Success Blueprint. Check out our main blog post which explains each step of this proven method! You’ll see success and results.

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