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How to Transform Your Website Into a Small Business Success Machine

Your website. It should be your greatest marketing asset. But for most small business owners, it’s just a big headache. There are five areas of focus that need attention

Author: Jeremy Harrison

January 6, 2015

Your website. It should be your greatest marketing asset. But for most small business owners, it’s just a big headache.

There are four areas of focus that need attention on most websites. Address these four areas and you will transform your site into a powerful tool that helps you get organized, grow sales and save time.

Imagine your website like a home, setup for a dinner party. What do your visitors experience when they visit? It probably depends on these four areas…

Area #1: The curb appeal.
(Are you attracting the right visitors?)

If you were showing up for a dinner party, which of these four homes would you prefer to walk into?

Is your website attracting right visitors?

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you undoubtedly made a snap judgment about which place you’d be most comfortable. This is true with your website too. It must be designed to attract the right people. And when they show up at the front door, they need to have confidence they are at the right place. 

Area #2: The foyer.
Are you getting them engaged when they enter?

Do they want to stick around for awhile, or do they want to leave? Imagine entering a warm, cozy home to the smell of fresh baked cookies… you’ve got to stick around and have some of those cookies! This is engagement. The opposite is entering a cold, messy home and smelling something foul… you can’t wait to leave! Engaging visitors is about creating great content that quickly makes them feel good they stopped by. The content should be tied to real needs of your visitor, just like those warm gooey cookies fill a need.

Area #3: The dinner table.
Are they investing in a deeper conversation with you? 

If you’ve got the right curb appeal, and have made a connection with visitors when they arrive, it’s time to initiate a conversation. The first two areas helped you establish some trust to start the conversation, now it’s about making a more intimate connection with your visitors, and investing in a deeper conversation where you can understand one another better. This is where those invisible website visitors make themselves known.

Area #4: The utility room.
What’s happening behind the scenes?

You might be surprised that “The Utility Room” is area #4. Your visitor will never see this area, but its of critical importance to their experience. That wonderful experience you had when walking in the home wouldn’t happen without the machines and automation happening in this space… power, water, HVAC systems all make it happen. You don’t think about it, because it’s all automated. The temperature stays a comfortable 72 degrees. The water stays hot. The lights stay on. The oven bakes those cookies.

Every business wants the benefits of the first 3 areas on their website. Unfortunately, most build flimsy structures that don’t have that all-important machine running beneath the surface. There are lots of options out there to build websites on the cheap — even free. But keeping everything working as it should is just not sustainable.

Before long, the curb appeal slips, the cookies don’t get baked, the place begins to stink, fewer visitors show up, and those who do don’t want to stick around for a conversation.

So let’s take a closer look at that “Utility Room” on your website. There are 4 key functions that must be in place to make everything work the way it should.

Here are the things you need to make this thing work the right way.

  1. A strategy to attract the right traffic… the people who you are able to serve best.

  2. A mobile-responsive website that is optimized for search engines like Google. 

  3. The right plan for content that gets visitors engaged.

  4. An automated system to capture leads from prospective customers and automatically follow-up with those prospects until they buy.

When these 4 things are working together, you have your very own Small Business Success Machine. We’ve created an e-book and video which will help you evaluate your effectiveness in each of these 4 areas.

You may find that it’s time to overhaul your website. But it isn’t just about a nicer front door. It’s about making sure you have the systems in place that will make people comfortable and ready to engage in the conversations that lead to sales.


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