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Author: Jeremy Harrison

My Near-Death DIY Experience

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? I would say that I am, but my wife might disagree. I once had a near-death experience with DIY. I was running new electrical in my basement man cave. I forgot to turn off the power at the main electric box... my pliers hit the main power supply and... BOOM!

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3 Keys to Discover Your Calling

I believe that we were created to work.  But not the drudgery kind of work. It is an amazing feeling to get paid to do work that aligns seamlessly with our passions, talents and our natural areas of influence. But how do you find that kind of work? How do you even know what you're looking for?  And if you're looking for a job, how do you make good decisions that move you in the right direction?

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Translating Your Brand

Creating a brand is more than a logo in front of the thing you are selling. Your brand is the story of your business and, in turn, of you. Learn how to translate your brand and create the story you want to tell.

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