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Brand Strategy & Brand Awareness Marketing

Create demand for your brand.

Looking for digital marketing? Give your brand a boost. Saturate your ideal market and create demand for your brand. Spire thinks about brand awareness differently. We can help you with brand strategy and highly-targeted brand awareness marketing campaigns that create demand from a targeted group of ideal customers. 


“The Garden Hose Principle”

Most digital brand awareness doesn’t work, because marketers are looking at the wrong metrics. Watch this 3-min video to see how to effectively saturate your ideal target market, even on a limited budget. 

Signs that Your Brand Strategy Needs Attention:

You are expanding into a new market or product line

You feel like competition is gaining traction on your turf

Your organization, product, or solution feels like a “best-kept secret”

You can’t say what your company does in a compelling elevator pitch

Customers buy from competition then tell you “I didn’t know you did that”

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