Our Team

Spire is a team of professionals with shared core values who take pride in their work, care about making an impact on their community and who have a lot of fun. There's a unique chemistry you'll feel when you visit our offices, and it affects the way we do our work.

Company Leaders

These people are on the front lines of Spire, leading and managing the way we help your business grow.


Project Managers and Support Team

Our project managers and support team help your projects and ongoing marketing run smoothly.





Marketing and Website Specialists

These experts work behind-the-scenes to turn your ideas into powerful, fully implemented results.

Let's Talk

Let's Talk.

Get a clear, focused plan to fuel ongoing growth with just one phone call. 
In a quick conversation with a Spire Success Coach, we will help you discover a proven plan to regain control and fuel ongoing growth. We’ll help you get focused and you’ll learn how to free up valuable time to do what you love.

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