Thank You, Zig Ziglar!

Zig Ziglar passed away last week, at the age of 86. One can only wish to leave such a mark on the landscape of the world he loved, as did he.

When I entered the sales world in 1992, his Secrets of Closing the Sale was the first "how to" book I would read. And what a way to start! I've read it many times since and still refer to it for a refresher on "the basics". He understood that the art of closing the sale was not in the actual "close", or "the line", or the "gimmick". To Ziglar, the secret of closing the sale was in your product knowledge, your understanding of the customers needs, and your willingness to help the customer understand that your product was essential to their success and happiness.

Then, and only then, should you "close the sale". To Ziglar, sales was simply a transfer of enthusiasm. As the salesman, are you so jazzed up about your products ability help your potential customer, that you won't sleep well at night unless that customer agrees to buy it from you? I mean, you don't feel bad about yourself because someone won't feel bad for them! That's the stuff Ziglar taught, and it was, and is the right way to sell.

"You can get everything you want, by helping others get everything that they want". Simply... perfect!

Times have changed dramatically since Zig Ziglar started his sales career travelling through small towns selling pots and pans. But, had he started today, his principles would be the same. He would still ask you to believe in your product and in the positive effect it can have on others lives. Then, find some way to communicate that passion and belief to potential matter what it takes.

Thank you Zig Ziglar. You made a difference in my life, by helping me to understand that I am making a difference in the lives of others through the services I provide. And that's the Secret of Closing the Sale.

Bryan Lefelhoc

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