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Brand Strategy & Brand Awareness Marketing

Create demand for your brand.

Give your brand a boost. Saturate your ideal market and create demand for your brand. Spire thinks about brand awareness differently. We can help you with brand strategy and highly-targeted brand awareness marketing campaigns that create demand from a targeted group of ideal customers. 


“The Garden Hose Principle”

Most digital brand awareness doesn’t work, because marketers are looking at the wrong metrics. Watch this 3-min video to see how to effectively saturate your ideal target market, even on a limited budget. 

Three Steps to Build Your Brand Awareness…


We’ll start with a Marketing Strategy Assessment to find gaps or opportunities to improve your results. This leads to a clear plan that fits your goals and budget.


You’ll work closely with a Marketing Manager who collaborates with you and a skilled team of writers, designers, and developers to help turn your plan into action.


The campaign is live, now let’s make it hum! In Spire’s Growth Builder Program we will monitor and improve, while adapting strategy to your ever-changing needs.

Signs that Your Brand Strategy Needs Attention:

You are expanding into a new market or product line

You feel like competition is gaining traction on your turf

Your organization, product, or solution feels like a “best-kept secret”

You can’t say what your company does in a compelling elevator pitch

Customers buy from competition then tell you “I didn’t know you did that”

Build Brand Awareness and Get More ROI From Your Digital Marketing by Hand-Picking Your Customers.

Why Choose Spire?

  • Reach the right people, more often.

    Your goal is not to reach more people. It’s to reach the right people, more often. We will help you saturate your audience, even on a limited budget.

  • Say it clearer.

    Want to stand out from the competition? You need a clear, simple message. We’ll do the extra work to help you say it with fewer words and more impact.

  • Get more from less.

    Are you trying to do too much? You aren’t alone. We’ll help you lighten the load of unnecessary marketing work with a much simplified 3-part marketing plan.

  • Make it hum.

    Some of the best ideas need fine-tuning to optimize results. We follow a proven process to help you carefully test your best ideas and unlock success.

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