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Clouse Construction

April 22, 2024
New Riegel Ohio

Clouse Construction is the premier design-build construction company in Northwest Ohio. It was founded in New Riegel, Ohio in 1975 and soon became affiliated with Butler Manufacturing Company, which enables us to offer customers the industry’s most versatile, most dependable line of pre-engineered steel buildings.

Through the years, our commercial design-build capabilities have also come to include all types of building materials and styles, including conventional steel, brick, and concrete.

As the leading commercial design-build contractors in the region, we routinely invest in extensive employee training, sophisticated construction vehicles, and state-of-the-art computer technology – so that our customers can access projects from conception to completion.

This combination, along with our commitment to and investment in our community, has led to Clouse Construction becoming one of the most reliable, respected, and recognized design and build contractors in the Great Lakes Region.


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