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You’re not a commodity packaging company. So quit advertising like one.

You’re not a commodity packaging company.
So quit advertising like one.

You know the companies who shop for the rock-bottom price packaging end up paying a lot more in the long run.

But how do you get that message out? 

  • number 1

    Clarify what sets you apart from your competitors — and communicate that value to the right companies.

  • number 2

    Bypass the penny-saving procurement person and target the operational leadership. 

  • number 3

    Get your foot in the door as the second-source supplier and prove you’re worth it.

At Spire, we partner with packaging companies
to overcome these 3 big problems:

Potential customers don’t see your value.

Your sales team can feel like it’s all on their shoulders.

The market is ALWAYS changing.

Here’s how we help with each of these problems: 

number 1

Potential customers don’t see your value.

They don’t grasp how your minimal extra cost will create a massive competitive advantage. 

We help you create a message that clarifies your unique value, and then amplify that to stand out from your competition. 

As a result, you’re no longer seen as “just another packaging product” commodity, but as a partner that creates long-term value and success for your customers.

number 2

The sales team feels on their own.

Like it’s all on them to generate interest AND try to close the sale. 

We help connect the sales and the marketing teams to go after the right targets… together. That means more traffic to your website and more leads for your sales team to convert into customers.

number 1

The market is always changing.

So it’s difficult to advertise and know if your marketing dollars are being well-spent.

That’s why we get nerdy with your data. We track engagement and analyze campaign performance to adapt to the ever-evolving packaging market. This insight means you’re staying one step ahead of the market – and your competitors! 

Let’s talk about how to position you as a different kind of packaging company… that’s worth every penny.

Why Spire Delivers

choose household, digital household targeting, campaign

Proven Strategy

We have a track record of helping fast-growing packaging companies attract better leads.

track results, digital business targeting, campaign, digital household targeting

Actionable Insights

No sugar-coating. We help you see what’s NOT working, so results continually improve.

target, digital business targeting, campaign

Optimal Team

We work together as an extension of your team to unlock marketing success.


See how companies are growing with targeted digital campaigns from Spire. 

Packaging Company Improves the Quality of Every Sales Touch

A packaging manufacturer is getting better quality leads and meetings by pairing sales efforts with Digital Business Targeting. They handpicked companies to target, and sales can see who’s clicking in real-time.

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