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Marketing Team Assessment

How does marketing work get done in your company?

There are nine strengths that marketing teams need to be effective. Take our Marketing Team Self-Assessment to evaluate your team’s strengths and identify gaps.

Check all that apply

9 Marketing Skills - TEAM RATING

Rate your team's overall effectiveness in the following skill areas.
The person who sets direction, prioritizes action, and takes ownership for results.
Craft words that make our marketing message sound great.
Create visuals that make our marketing efforts and branding look great.
The public-facing voice(s) or face(s) of our brand with media, events, etc.
Manages details & facilitates team communication.
Capturing and editing photos / videos that help enhance our message.
Develops a clear, effective plan.
Draws actionable insights from data to make marketing better.
Ensures our website, web forms, and other marketing systems function as expected.

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