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Marketing Strategy Overview

In order to be effective with marketing, you need to do three things really well:

  • Build Brand Awareness – Saturating a targeted market of future buyers so that when they’re ready they recognize your name and think of you first.
  • Reach Buyers – Identifying and getting in front of the small segment of people who are preparing to buy today.
  • Nurture Customers – Deepening relationships with all your current and past customers, uncovering more needs and bringing them back for more.

Let’s see how you’re doing in each of these three areas:

Key ObjectiveOverall ScorePotential Areas of Emphasis*
Build Brand Awareness

Market saturation, content, overall brand awareness strategy

Reach Buyers

Search visibility, call to action, identifying buyers, lead nurture

Nurture Customers

Customer data and referrals

We have specific ideas to improve your marketing, but first, we must ask some questions to tailor them to your business, and map a plan to help you execute 1-2 of the best ideas.

Common Impediments to Success

There are three key reasons most marketing fails.

#1: Most marketing fails because of a lack of execution.

Simply put, it doesn’t get done. It’s not uncommon to have great ideas scribbled in a notebook. Most company leaders lack the time, budget or expertise to execute their best ideas.

#2: Most marketing fails because people make it too complicated.

Leaders are trying to do too much. They are managing too many ads, too many social platforms, too many events and sponsorships, and only a fraction of that work gets done.

And most marketing content is too complicated, when a clearer message would perform far better.

#3: Most marketing fails because it’s poorly-executed.

Leaders get excited about a new idea, then feel disappointed when it doesn’t get the results they expected. But too many ideas get discarded too soon, without fine-tuning to unlock success.

Opportunity Summary

By executing marketing more effectively, you indicated you could:

> Attract 18 more clients per year,
> Who spend an average of $0/year

This shows an estimated opportunity of $540,000/year, which would mean a 28.4% top line
growth, moving you from $1.9M to $2.4M in revenue.

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