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Brand Guidelines

In the spirit of keeping it simple, getting it done, and making it hum, below you’ll find Spire’s visual identity resources. Available for download is a simple brand guide as well as variations of our official logo with various file extensions that work best for the application you need. 

visual identity, spire

Visual Identity

This one-sheet of brand guidelines contains the basics for Spire branding. From colors, typography, and logo use, it’s a quick way to make sure consistency reigns supreme when creating content for Spire. 

Our Logos

spire horizontal logo full color
Primary Horizontal Logo
spire, stacked, logo, marketing
Primary Stacked Logo
Primary Horizontal Logo with Tagline
Primary Stacked Logo with Tagline
Primary Mark
Black Horizontal Logo
Black Stacked Logo
Black Horizontal Logo with Tagline
Black Stacked Logo with Tagline
Black Mark
White Horizontal Logo
White Stacked Logo
White Horizontal Logo with Tagline
White Stacked Logo with Tagline
White Mark

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Brand Guidelines

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