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Episode 76| Ken Guest

October 18, 2021
At the start of a recession with no other job in sight, Ken Guest made the decision to leave his family business to pursue his own dreams and visions. While it can often be scary when we don’t have an exact plan, grit and determination keep us grounded on the path to success.

Episode 75|Gregory Brown

October 11, 2021
No matter how badly you want to, there are things in life you just can’t do alone. It takes others pitching in to gain that traction under your tires to get moving. Army veteran, Greg Brown, experienced first-hand the power of community when he struggled to find a job after military retirement. Today, as Superintendent of Medina County Home, he makes a meaningful difference and lends a hand to others who need that extra grit to keep going.

Episode 74 | Colleen Rice

October 04, 2021
In order to achieve success, you have to start with good leadership. Fortunately for Medina County, Colleen Rice provides just that. Her willingness to take a plunge into new experiences and challenges with an optimistic outlook is just what the area needs to grow and succeed.

Episode 73 | Todd Whitman and John Liebler

September 27, 2021
We can all do what we are asked to do. We just have to believe in ourselves. But, before that, someone has to believe in us. Todd Whitman was fortunate enough to find those who believed in him, like John Liebler, in order to recover from addiction through grit and perseverance and succeed as Executive Chef at Sérénité Restaurant.

Episode 72 | Ron Stollar

September 20, 2021
After an almost fatal car accident caused by an oncoming drunk driver, 18-year police veteran, Ron Stollar, was told he wouldn’t make it through the night. With grit and determination he forced himself to stay awake long enough to see the sun rise. Years later, this tragedy led him to become the Superintendent for Medina County Juvenile Detention Center, where he is now changing lives and bettering the future of troubled youth.

Episode 71 | Jeff Smith

September 13, 2021
Just like running a marathon, running a business takes grit and perseverance. Jeff Smith shared how he has set goals and overcome challenges to excel in the insurance field and inspire those around him.

Episode 70| Nate Eppink

September 06, 2021
After facing failure after failure trying to accelerate his career, Nate Eppink was ready to throw in the towel in the Parks and Recreation field. Listen to how he overcame these challenges and found the place he feels he is meant to be.

Episode 69 | Dr. Radiah Blanton

August 31, 2021
Dr. Radiah Blanton has always had a passion for people. Now as the Associate Dean of Liberal Arts for Cuyahoga Community College, she has the opportunity to impact individuals, families, and the community. Listen to how Blanton has used her unique work experience to get where she is today.

Episode 68 | Steven Walbolt

August 24, 2021
Having entered corporate America at the young age of 18, Steven Walbolt found a passion for innovating successful businesses. Listen to how the president of MDG Flooring America learned how to get out of his own way and reach his full potential.

Episode 67 | Andy Felter

August 17, 2021
Having started as an intern, Andy Felter had a vision for what the future of Webster Industries could look like. Listen to how this President and CEO made changes to grow a sustainable and successful company.

Episode 66 | Andy Stephey

August 10, 2021
Andy Stephey did not want to work in an environment where there was a ceiling. Instead, he strives everyday to set new benchmarks for sales and revenue. Listen to how he used grit and determination to become one of the leading salespeople for UIS Insurance & Investments.

Episode 65 | Jay Goyal

August 03, 2021
One of the biggest motivators for former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, Jay Goyal, was to make an impact. Listen to how he went from knocking on doors to solving economic problems all at the age of 25.

Episode 64 | Kathy Breitenbucher

July 27, 2021
Economic developer, Kathy Breitenbucher, has tried to work against her nature in the past. Now, she is motivated by challenge and plays a key role in problem solving for her county. Listen to how Breitenbucher has cultivated her passion to bring in new business.

Episode 63 | Sam Livingston

July 20, 2021
Owner and founder of Marathon Real Estate Group, Sam Livingston, has found success through consistency and the willingness to take risks. Listen to how he has continued to adapt to changes and become a strong leader.

Episode 62 | Kelly Horter

July 13, 2021
What has kept top-rated crêpe maker, Kelly Horter, in business for 11 years? The willingness to adapt and prove her doubters wrong. Listen to how she overcame the pandemic and lives everyday differently.

Episode 61 | Debbie Kiley

July 06, 2021
From volunteering to being a regular at her crossfit gym, Debbie Kiley had to build up an emotional toughness to lead her to where she is today. Listen to how Kiley pushed self doubt aside and gained the confidence to lead 106 employees.

Episode 60 | Greg Nickoli

June 29, 2021
As the superintendent of the fifth largest career center in the state of Ohio, Greg Nickoli, has found his purpose in motivating young students to find their light at the end of the tunnel. Listen to how Nickoli has used his own childhood experience to guide future workers.

Episode 59 | Mike Bucher

June 22, 2021
Pastor, drag racer, and father of 14 children are just some of the ways to describe Mike Bucher. Listen to how he has spread the word of God and became a beacon of light for the Hope Over Heroin movement.

Episode 58 | Mary Kay Ziniewicz

June 15, 2021
Female business owner, Mary Kay Ziniewicz, saw a need to help strong women like herself: moms. Listen to how she created a workforce marketplace that believes in the intelligence and perseverance of moms.

Episode 57 | Peter Graham Dunn

June 08, 2021
An unlikely entrepreneur, Peter Graham Dunn, has learned a lot about owning a business over the years. As he faced bankruptcy and starting from scratch, Dunn never lost his entrepreneurial spirit. Listen to how he overcame the obstacles in his career.

Episode 56 | Victoria Langer

June 01, 2021
Overcoming loss and illness, Victoria Langer is a woman who has not quit, and will not quit. Listen to how this medical entrepreneur has improved the lives of many with her international, woman-owned business of 26 years.

Episode 55 | Charlie Epstein

May 25, 2021
With a focus on turning the volume down on negativity, financial guru of 41 years, Charlie Epstein, has learned how to prioritize his true desires. Listen to how he overcame a rocky divorce and turned his life around by daring to be bold everyday.

Episode 54 | Phil Truax

May 18, 2021
While a corporate world and entrepreneurial world may seem different, attorney Phil Truax has juggled both in his career. After deciding to change his law specialty a week before the pandemic began, Truax learned how to adjust to change and never give up. Listen to how Truax continues to follow his passion.

Episode 53 | Mike Jarrett

May 11, 2021
Owner and CEO of Jarrett Companies, Mike Jarrett, has focused on getting better everyday since 1998. The founder of one of the fastest growing companies in the United States shares his experience with turmoil and success. Listen to hear why he loves what he does.

Episode 52 | Dennis Neate

May 04, 2021
Growing up on a small family farm, Dennis Neate learned the importance of grit and determination at a young age. He is now an acting Vice President for Oswald Companies. Listen to what led him to become the businessman he is today.

Episode 51 | Manuel Astruc

April 27, 2021
With over 20 years of experience in psychiatry, overcoming personal obstacles of loss and recovery, and starting up his own coaching business, Dr. Manuel Astruc has captured the true definition of grit. Listen to how he turned his life around and committed to enjoying the ride no matter what.

Episode 50 | Jason Stevenson

April 20, 2021
Entrepreneur and visionary, Jason Stevenson, dabbles in various areas from working in insurance to owning over 100 hair salons. He has found success in his career but it does not come without struggle and high mental energy. Listen to how he prioritizes his time and has become comfortable with delegating important tasks.

Episode 49 | Lynn Child

April 13, 2021
As a women entrepreneur, Lynn Child, has shown grit over the many years she has poured into CentraComm. As the Principal Founder and President, she has overcome both personal and business challenges along the way. Listen to how she perseveres.

Episode 48 | Ron Kaminski

April 06, 2021
Ron Kaminski believes in help first. At Culture Shoc he instills that in not only his team but the companies he guides. Through the recession of 2008 and the 2020 pandemic, Ron has learned valuable lessons that will carry into future tough situations. Listen in to see how he approaches storms head-on.

Episode 47 | Brian Kimmel

March 30, 2021
Being a part of a fourth-generation family business can be tough. Brian Kimmel shares how his family has come together to pivot in an ever-changing industry. Listen in to his story.