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Is Spire right for you?

Since first opening our doors in 2006, we’ve served hundreds of clients and created thousands of marketing campaigns and web design projects. We strive to build win-win relationships.

If your organization fits one or more descriptions below, we just might be a great match for you.

Our most successful clients are established organizations and mid-sized companies. The size varies, but most are in growth mode and looking to move their organization to the next level. 

78 percent are in Northern Ohio

78% of our active clients are less than one hour from one of our Northern Ohio offices. We currently have offices in Ashland, Tiffin, and Medina, Ohio.

22 percent work with Spire remotely

22% of our active clients we serve remotely via video conferencing. Most of these folks get referred by another happy client. 

Areas of Specialty

Here are some things that we do really well.

We serve many types of organizations, but the following are “sweet spots” for Spire where our clients have had truly exceptional success. If your organization has one of the following goals, we should definitely talk.

Reach Businesses
Are you B2B? We can help you attract quality business leads and promote your services or solutions to other businesses, for industries like commercial construction, industrial, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, professional businesses services and more.


Reach Communities
Does your organization need to reach a local community to rally public support or increase awareness? We've helped entities like cities, townships, schools, hospitals, banks, elected officials, churches and non-profits reach citizens with a clear and effective message. 

Reach Workers
Is hiring holding you back? Overcome hiring problems with powerful campaigns that attract quality applicants, even when it seems everyone is already working. We've helped to attract nurses, business professionals, skilled trades, truck drivers, fast food workers, and more. 


Reach Students
Spire helps colleges, vocational schools, K-12 public and private schools, and online learning platforms reach their ideal students in targeted ways to increase applicants and drive enrollment. 

Reach Residents
We help businesses and nonprofits promote and increase occupancy for apartments, condos, assisted living, nursing homes, and more; often in highly-competitive markets. 


Reach Pilots
If your business is focused on aviation, Spire can help. Spire is owned by a private pilot, and we've helped many companies more effectively reach pilots, aircraft owners, FBOs, and others in the aviation market. Learn more about this new initiative at AviateFirst.com.

Still not sure?

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the types of clients we serve. We are always happy to have a conversation and help you explore whether Spire might be a fit.


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How can we help?

If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

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