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Digital Household Targeting

Build your brand and reach households with precision-targeted digital marketing that ensures you saturate your ideal market — reaching the right people, more often.


Digital Household Targeting

Your marketing needs to get smarter. Watch this video to learn how Spire can help your marketing do just that with our new Digital Household Targeting ad solution. 

Who Is It For?

Digital Household Targeting is best for companies looking to reach specific households through B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing. We use it to:

  • Reach new movers, or likely movers.

  • Reach prospective employees (hiring / recruitment).

  • Reach prospective students (colleges, private schools, vocational schools).

  • Reach prospective residents (condos, luxury apartments, assisted living).

  • Reach homeowners (landscaping, remodeling, home services, etc).

  • Reaching people who need financial services, loans, insurance, etc.

  • Reach past customers, or any list you provide.

How Does It Work?

choose household, digital household targeting, campaign

Choose Households

Spire uses precision data to build a list of specific households you want to target.

target, digital business targeting, campaign

Create Campaigns

We plan campaigns to reach the right homes within your budget constraints.

track results, digital business targeting, campaign, digital household targeting

Launch & Improve

Your campaigns are constantly monitored & refined after launch to “make it hum.” 

Why Consider Digital Household Targeting?

The goal is NOT to reach more people. It’s to reach the right people, more often. Paired with a Spire Growth Builder Plan, Digital Household Targeting will help you do just that, while tailoring the targeting and strategy to the constraints of your budget.

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