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Pre-Show Questions for The Savvy Marketer

The purpose of the show is to create valuable content for marketing leaders at small and mid-sized companies. These are Marketing Directions, VP of Sales & Marketing, Marketing Managers, etc. We like to share ideas and stories that help them be more effective as leaders, both with better strategy and better teams.

Let’s brainstorm for your interview with Jeremy; what ideas can you think of for the show? Below are some examples categories to get you started!

Marketing Strategy/Idea
Share a sales or marketing strategy, idea, or practice that has helped you solve a problem or challenge in your organization using. What does the strategy/idea relate to? How has this strategy or idea helped you? How can it help others?

Story Planner
Share a story you've experienced in your work or life that has helped to shape you. What issues were you facing before? What prompted a change? What was different after? What was the impact? What have you learned that would be relevant to marketing leader?

Sharing Wisdom / Insight from a Unique Perspective
What is an experience you've had that has given you a unique perspective that others who are involved in marketing might identify with? What is the thing that you've learned from that experience? What problem or challenge did it help you overcome?

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