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7 Costly Website & Marketing Mistakes Seminar (Mansfield)

Friday, October 29, 2021 - 8:30amRegister Now

Presented By: Jeremy Harrison

Is the Stuff You're Doing Online Really Working?

Your website and marketing are vital to reach new customers and grow sales. But too many businesses waste time and money on things that don’t work. Others give up and let their websites and unfinished marketing ideas collect dust.

Our team has identified seven common mistakes businesses make with their websites and marketing, and most importantly, how you can fix them!

What you'll learn at the 7 Costly Mistakes Seminar:

  • How to create better marketing and get results
  • How to eliminate work that wastes time and money
  • How to use social media more effectively
  • How to improve your visibility in Google Search
  • How to turn your website into a hub for your marketing activity


This seminar is $25 which includes breakfast, handouts, networking, and more.

Registration and breakfast from 8:00 - 8:30. Workshop from 8:30 - 11:00.

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