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An inside look at our web design marketing funnel

Before starting our advertising & web design company, I worked in a small company that had a traditional "sales department."  This group of sales people literally made phone calls all day long.  Many were cold calls - and their rate of failure was very, very high.  If the company wanted to increase its sales, it could make incremental increases by finding better sales tactics, OR it could hire another sales rep who -- if they worked hard enough -- would earn their keep while bringing in a little extra. 

I'm sorry, but I just wouldn't be able to do that. 

I don't like the idea of calling people who weren't expecting my call, and trying to sell them something they didn't ask to buy. That's why effective marketing is so important to grow a business.  You still need to do sales, but the approach is different, and the success rate is much higher.  I'll explain, but first let me prove my theory from first hand experience.

Here are some facts about our web design company:

  • We've grown at least 50% each year we've been in business.
  • Our staff has not made a single "cold call" since we started in 2006
  • We are on pace to grow another 50% in 2009 - in spite of the recession
  • I'm still the only "sales person" on the team - and I'm able to sell the projects to keep our growing team busy

The secret to our growth is our "marketing funnel"

This growth is due to a powerful marketing funnel that keeps new business leads coming into our company.  There's nothing earth-shattering about our funnel.  It exists in many successful businesses.  But each component below is important to have a successful marketing process that simplifies the sales process:

  1. Traffic Sources - You need multiple tactics for driving prospects to your website who are looking for your products or services.  The more targeted the traffic the better.  Better to have 10 people looking for what you're selling than 10,000 people who are indifferent.

  2. Lead Generation - Once people visit your website, you need multiple tactics in place to convert those "invisible" visitors into "active leads" who have voluntarily shared more information about themselves.  Whether they submit an interest form on your website, or call you, or choose to visit you in person - you need a way for these invisible prospects to make themselves known.

  3. Follow Up - It's important to acknowledge that not everybody who visits today is ready to buy today.  This is especially true if you are selling expensive products or services that people won't buy impulsively.  We have an automated follow up system in place that keeps our company at the forefront of their minds.  When they ARE ready to buy, it increases the odds they choose us.

  4. Multiple Sources of Revenue - Even if you focus on one expensive product or service - it's important to have other less expensive revenue sources in place too.  Things people can add-on to their purchase, or things that they may buy before making a larger purchase to help them determine if you're the real deal.
  5. Tracking - We measure everything.  You should too.  It's important to know which traffic sources produce leads - and which traffic sources are most likely to turn into revenue.  Knowing this can help you prioritize the way you promote your company. 

There is so much more to say about this. 

On December 3, I'll be leading an internet marketing seminar at the Mansfield Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  There I'll break down Spire's marketing funnel in detail.  You'll see internet marketing strategies that can help you attract targeted prospects, generate more leads, follow up with people who plan to buy in the future, generate more revenue, and measure your results.

If you'd like to attend, click here for more details.

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