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How to Avoid Being Annoying on Social Media

Time and time again, I see small businesses make this critical mistake on social media: treating social media the same as your website. Here’s why it just doesn’t work that way.

Are you setting yourself up to fail at social media marketing?

This article explains the most common mistakes people make when it comes to social media marketing. The best part about making these mistakes? It doesn’t cost a dime to fix them.

How To Turn “Just Looking” Prospects Into Sales In 2 Simple Steps

Let’s talk about getting you more sales without spending any more than you already do on your current marketing efforts.

3 Reasons Your Marketing Doesn’t Work Like It Used To

I have a friend here in Northern Ohio named Bill. He's been running the same local business since I was a kid. Things have become a lot harder for Bill than they used to be. He lamented to me over breakfast.

How to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

Your customers are looking for different things in brands than they used to. Is your brand top of mind when they're deciding to buy?

Building Team Chemistry and Why It Matters for Your Business

You can have all the talent in the world, but without team chemistry you won’t be successful. But what makes “good” team chemistry, anyway? Read on for ideas on how to boost the chemistry of your employees to ensure your business wins every time.

How to Hit the Ground Running in Sales This New Year

For us salespeople, the New Year is a perfect time to hit reset. Everything is new! Potential clients have new budgets, current clients bring new opportunities, your own business has new goals. And you’ve got a clean slate. There’s only one “new year” per year…so let’s do this one right!

How to Attract & Keep Great Workers: Part 2

What do you think it costs your business to replace a great employee? The second half of this 2-part series, teaches you how to build a place where people love to work, and where more great people are lining up to join your ranks.  

How to Attract & Keep Great Workers: Part 1

You already know how important it is to hire great workers. Most hiring efforts fail because employers attract the wrong pool of applicants in the first place. Read on to learn more about how you can narrow your hiring process down to four steps that guarantee you're extending that job offer to the perfect candidate.

Keeping in Touch with That Current Customer List: Tips and Tricks for Email

There’s a lot to gain in understanding what your customers want from you. Delivering that want right to their inbox earns brownie points for your business. These tips and tricks will instantly improve your email communications while also keeping your business fresh in the minds of your current customers.

3 Keys to Avoid Price Wars and Sell Profitable Services to Local Homeowners

If you sell services to homeowners, you have a lot on your shoulders. You need to make sure your cell phone keeps ringing and your guys keep working.  So what can you do? Read on for three keys to competition-proof your business and close more profitable sales.

Build a More Successful End-of-Year Fundraising Campaign

What if your end-of-year giving campaign could be more than just a letter? With a few simple adjustments to your fundraising effort, you could increase contributions to your annual fund this holiday season.

Instagram Copywriting Hacks You're Probably Not Aware Of

Is your business one of the 70.7% making the most out of Instagrams marketing perks? A lot more goes into your social media strategy than taking a picture. The next time you go to post make sure you're using these essential Instagram copywriting hacks to instantly connect with your followers.

7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Time

Your time is priceless. The most successful and fulfilled people in the world put a high value on their time.  Not just work time but in every part of their lives.  But it isn't easy. It requires making choices, getting help, and saying no. Be aware of the seven mistakes above, and you’ll find a lot more time to do what really matters in your life. 

Salespeople Bill of Rights

What if I told you salespeople are free to chart their own course, to be the salesperson they want to be? There are 10 freedoms you need to be aware of in the Salespeople Bill of Rights. As a small business, how you handle sales drives whether you win or lose in business. If you're a salesperson yourself or you have a sales team on staff, this Bill of Rights will help your sales team choose the pace and persona of your business and position your company for success.

Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Site, Part Two

The longer you're able to keep people on your site, the more likely they are to turn into active customers. Does your website make it easy for your customers to figure out if you're the one for them? Here are a few tips to sharpen up your content.

Unlock Insights and Easily See How People View Your Business on Google

Google provides you with helpful insights on how people interact with your business listing - even if they don’t visit your website! See how you can unlock these free insights and use them to your advantage.

Where Leads Are Getting Lost on Your Landing Page and How to Reroute for Conversions

When leads find themselves on a landing page, they can get distracted by detours that are often overlooked and end up lost. This results in lower conversion rates and sales. Ultimately? Your lead turns the car around and drives off into the sunset with another business that played the game better. See where leads are getting lost on your landing page and how you can optimize to reach any desired market.

Mastering 5 Stages of Small Business Growth

What stage is your small business in? Having some clarity about where you’re at today, and where you’re headed makes the difference in moving the needle. Read on for how to find out where your small business is at and create a plan to grow.

Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Site, Part One

The longer you're able to keep people on your site, the more likely they are to turn into active customers. Here are two mechanical ways your site could be turning people away before they even have the chance to get to know you.

Local Business? You Need To Show Up in Google Maps! Here’s Why.

Guess what? Local businesses actually have an edge over the big brands, thanks to Google Maps / Google Local listings. Check it out!

Are You Selling or Solving?

The used car salesman gets a bad wrap, but it isn't because he's a salesman. Here are four tips to change the name of the game... and the way you play it - from "salesman" to "professional solutions provider."

[Case Study] How a Crane Company in Ohio is Branding Itself to Specific Industry Professionals for Less Than One Cent

How a Work Truck company in Ohio has been highlighting industry-specific products with easy-to-understand case studies, and are reaching thousands of highly-engaged prospects and generating quality leads in the process.

3 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Sometimes using and managing social media can leave us with more questions than one. How many times should you post a week? What do you even need to be posting? Read on and learn simple ways to keep your business' social media alive and thriving.

The Web Is a Loud Place: Make Your Website Sing Above the Noise

Do you have a website that doesn't seem to be generating the results you expected? What you need is a clapper and a speaker. Read on. I'll explain.

Turn Your 90s Yellow Pages Budget into Modern-Day Results

Stop investing in your neighbors’ yellow-paper doorstops and start investing in advertising that will make a real, lasting difference. Here are three quick tips for where you can divert your ad budget to see real, measurable results.

Spire 2016 Christmas Video

Merry Christmas from your friends at Spire!

Meet the Six Finalists of the 2016 $10,000 Website and Marketing Giveaway!

For the second year in a row, small businesses across North Central Ohio were invited to enter themselves into our $10,000 Website and Marketing Giveaway. It’s with great excitement that we announce after initially selecting 12 semi-finalists, a meeting between the panel of judges earlier today has narrowed the list down to six finalists!

Two Ways to Celebrate Small Business Saturday with Spire

We want to honor small businesses in a big way this year. Read more on how you can enter to win a FREE website and marketing package or sign up to attend our Grow Simply workshop.

My near-death DIY experience

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? I would say that I am, but my wife might disagree. I once had a near-death experience with DIY. I was running new electrical in my basement man cave. I forgot to turn off the power at the main electric box... my pliers hit the main power supply and... BOOM!

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