Custom Web Development

At Spire, we employ a team of full-time developers, on-site.

The Other Guys

Our competition won’t tell you this, but it is actually quite rare to have a team of full-time developers, even in web design firms twice our size.

Most firms are building websites with open-source code like WordPress or Joomla. This saves them time for sites with basic features. As soon as you need something custom-made, you will get that “deer in the headlights” look. Even if they find a plug-in that works with their open source solution, the interface won’t be the same, and as browsers change, the plug-ins frequently break.

Spire's Developers

At Spire, our entire SpireCMS platform is based on code that we wrote. In-house. From scratch.

If you need something custom, our in-house developers can create custom features that seamlessly integrate with the rest of your website. We’ll create custom panels in SpireCMS that give you control over everything, and it will be easy to use because the custom panels look just like the standard panels that are built into our system.

If you don’t think SpireCMS includes something you need, just ask! We can quickly whip something up for you, and odds are, we already have for someone with similar needs.

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