Creating Videos that Connect


Video is a unique tool that allows you to emotionally connect with your potential and existing customers in a way that you never could before.   Visitors are more engaged by pages with video. But you won't get this engagement and emotional connection with just any video. You need to harness the power of a good story, teach something in a fresh new way or make some other emotional connection with your viewer.  

This is what we do best.  

Lots of people can setup cameras, capture a shot and edit it together.  But at Spire, we put a lot of emphasis on the planning that happens before anybody steps foot in front of a camera. 


Our Video Work


Our in-house team can help you plan, script and produce videos that will tell your story like never before.  Our services include: 

Video Production Services
Get a beautiful, professionally-produced HD video that tells your story the way you've always wanted to.  Our team will work with you throughout the process and we'll do all the shooting, editing & post production for you. 

Video Coaching Packages
Are you more of a DIY person? Through five sessions of coaching with our marketing experts, we'll help you plan & script killer videos, and then show you how you can produce them on your own, even on a shoestring budget. 

To learn more about our video services, request a quote, or call us at (419) 496-4212. 


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Let's Talk.

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