Our Proven Approach

Even our first postcard in 2006 focused on results!
How We Help Our Clients Get Results

Ever since Jeremy mailed the first postcard to local small businesses when he started Spire in 2006, we’ve been talking about results. A focus on results-driven marketing strategy is at the very core of Spire’s DNA.

Why 97% Of Your Prospects Aren't Ready to Buy Today...

Only 3% of your prospects and site visitors are ready to buy.  Those are the folks who email you, call you or fill out your web forms. The other 97% will leave your site and never return, unless you are intentional on their first visit. This video explains more...

Our Proven Approach

We talk about marketing goals at the start of every website or marketing consulting project. Who are you trying to reach? What do you want those people to do?

Imagine two cliffs, separated by a chasm. On one cliff are those people you’re trying to reach. On the other cliff is the ultimate goal you are hoping to achieve with them.

Your marketing strategy is like a bridge that moves your prospects safely across the chasm. Like any bridge, it takes time and planning to build.  You need a plan to Attract Traffic that will reach the right people.  Once they arrive, you need a way to Engage Visitors and connect with their needs.  And since not everybody is ready to buy on their first visit, you need a conversion strategy, which includes a way to Nurture Prospects and move them toward a purchase. 

At Spire, we help clients plan marketing strategies based on three key areas:

  1. Traffic
    How can we attract traffic to your website and build awareness for your products and services?

  2. Engagement 
    How can we engage visitors in order to build a connection and earn their trust?

  3. Conversion 
    How can we convert sales by making it easy for people to buy when they are ready, and nurture those who are not?

In the bridge example, Traffic gets prospects to take the first step onto the bridge. Engagement is the series of steps they take to keep moving toward the other side, and Conversion turns your prospects into happy customers.


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