How One Snowball Brought 9,000 Visitors To My Website...

By Jeremy Harrison

Snowball | Blog Content StrategyThree winters ago, I sat down at my desk to write a blog post. I had a million things to do, and it felt like a waste of time. After days of setting it aside to do other things that were more urgent, I finally finished it and stuck it on the website.

The first week, NINE people read it. I was annoyed.

"That blog post took me hours to write, and I had nine people read it the first week... You've gotta be kidding me!"

The first month, NINETY people read it. A little better, but I still wasn't sure it was worth the headache.

But because the content was archived in my blog and benefited from the magic of SEO and social media, traffic to that blog continued to snowball. Today it has now been viewed by over NINE-THOUSAND people -- and counting!

That's just one blog post. We've written dozens. Each good post brings thousands of visitors into our site over time. They find us in Google, skip past our home page, and land on the blog post that matches the topic they are looking for. Some of those readers end up requesting our free videos. Others later become new customers.

Here's my point.

There is NOTHING more important on your website than your content. When you're writing it, it feels like a waste of time. After all, you rarely see immediate results. But the power of good content snowballs over time. By creating GREAT CONTENT, and doing so with CONSISTENCY, you build up something that is more valuable than any advertising you can buy.


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