Google Remarketing: It Works, Even When it Doesn't.

In a session at our last Spire Customer Training Intensive, I showed customers how a new under-utilized strategy in the Google Display Network called Remarketing could be beneficial, even for smaller businesses with small budgets.  I'm not going to re-hash my presentation here, but this video shows the results of a short, very small experiment we did on this website.

On first glance, the results were unimpressive.  But when you note that I only spent $15 for more than 9,000 impressions, 3 conversions and 7 past visitors to return to my website, the results are actually pretty exciting.

Check it out here:

In normal Google AdWords or Display Network terms, this campaign was a failure.  But in this case, dollar-for-dollar it is proving to be a huge success.   Spire customers, let us know if you would like help setting up remarketing for your website, OR if you're wondering if it might be right for you.  We're here to help. 

Jeremy Harrison
Jeremy is President & Founder of Spire Advertising, Inc. a marketing and web design agency focused on helping small businesses and non-profits succeed. Located in Ashland, Ohio, Spire’s purpose is empowering small business success that transforms communities.

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